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If you don't have a text messaging plan for your cell phone, any text message that you receive or send costs you money, above your typical monthly service provider fees.
Go to the Verizon text messaging website (See Resources) and log in using your telephone number or user ID.
Block all text messages from the Internet or from email by checking the boxes at the bottom of the page. If you have more than one cell phone on your plan, select the phone number you would like to apply the text message block to. There are many reasons why you may want to block a number from sending text messages to your phone.
Text messaging is a convenient way to stay in touch without interrupting the other person's day with a phone call. No matter what phone provider you have, you can block all text messages from being sent and received on your phone. A low-feature mobile that allows your child to place calls, access emergency numbers and text you, if needed, is suitable more many families.
A 500MB to 1GB data plan is an acceptable choice for tweens who want to text, browse the Internet, check a social media app or access their email.
Some smart phone services are specifically made for parents who want to strictly monitor their child's usage.

An unlimited plan meets the needs of kids who talk and text constantly, play games or watch full-length TV shows. You're bombarded with offers for cell phone deals, each promising something better than the last. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, receiving text messages through the default Messages app will display its contents on your lock screen, in a popup message, and inside your notification bar via ticker. Keep in mind that while this will turn off the popup message from displaying while you are in other apps or watching full-screen video, it wont do anything to stop your messages and all their contents from being displayed in the lock screen or the notification bar. When dealing with the lock screen, it’s possible to disable all notifications from appearing on there.
Now, whenever you receive a new text message, Chomp will only display an an icon in the notification area — not the ticker with the entire message contents.
Blocking someone from texting you may be the only way to get rid of some unwanted texters and additional costs.
Verizon, as of March 2012, allows you to block 15 specific addresses, domains or text nicknames. Younger children use their cells primarily for safety reasons, while older kids and teens use the technology to connect with friends and browse for information on the Internet.
At this level, you may need to put some restrictions on how often your child can use his phone.

For example, Kajeet always allows calls from you to get through, alerts you to your child's whereabouts, lets you limit when your child can use the phone, and blocks texts and calls while your teen is driving. This may sound perfectly fine to some of you, but for others this overkill as you will no longer see notifications from any of your other apps as well (Facebook, Email, Hangouts, Snapchat, etc.). There are plenty to choose from, but Chomp SMS is one of our personal favorites as it features a handy option to hide content from displaying in the notification bar and lock screen, but still notify you when a message is received.
Tap it, and a popup dialog will ask if you’d like to set Chomp as your default messaging app.
If you're tired of getting text messages from spammers or even from an ex-boyfriend, blocking a company or an individual from sending messages to your Verizon phone is easy. He won’t have enough data, however, to constantly stream videos or make a video call to his friends. While this can be convenient, it leaves the contents of your messages in plain view during times when you may not want them to be. A 2GB to 3GB plan is necessary if your tween or teen streams music, watches videos or will heavily use the Internet from the phone, according to Consumer Reports.

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