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The new Verizon HTC 7 Trophy cell phone is coming soon, glad to see Windows Phone 7 finally have some representation on Verizon.
The Verizon Motorola Droid Android 2.1 cell phone is supposedly very similar to the official build from Moto. There is a new software update for Motorola Droid X is being pushed out by Verizon, it should be coming out soon in few days. The HTC Touch pro2 and htc Touch Diamond2 were  two high-end device, which we had heard the Touch pro2 and Touch Diamond2 would head to Verizon named as respectively the XV6875 and the XV6975  a few months ago. The Pantech Perception will be available at Verizon stores starting Thursday, April 25th for $99 on contract after a $50 mail in rebate.

The technology lets users wave a hand over the phone to answer a call, scroll through contacts, change a song being played or find a picture from their library.
Unfortunately, the home screen still only rotates when the keyboard is open or when the phone is docked. Atfer you download and install this new minor update, your Droid X phones  shouldn’t reset while playing music anymore, and the camera settings will stick after a reboot. Also the update  reduce Out of memory errors on droix x, you can play the WAV files from Visual Voicemail, and the Wireless Alerting System is now enabled. Today we are infored that this two New Veriozn phones have already appeared in Verizon’s inventory system, which may mean the verizon will release the toch pro2 and diamond2 will  soon.

But no Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is kinda sad still considering the mid-range Stratosphere and Razr M has had it for a while now.
Yes, that’s right folks, this includes the first Android device, the notorious G1 also.

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