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How can Verizon users block a phone number from calling and texting their iPhone or Android mobile phone?
Unfortunately, there is no way to block a number directly on the iPhone without first jailbreaking the phone. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can just install iBlacklist – available in the Cydia store. For Verizon iPhone users who do not wish to jailbreak their phone, you can block up to 5 different phone numbers from texting or calling for free with your standard Verizon service plan. In order to block a number on your iPhone or Android, log into the Verizon website and then follow the steps in the above video to block up to 5 phone numbers of your choice. As always, if you find this video helpful, I would really appreciate a thumbs up and you may also want to think about subscribing to my YouTube channel. Anson specializes in providing software and technology tutorials in both print and video format.

Anson has a degree in International Business and Information Systems from the University of Tampa and also enjoys enjoys traveling and gaming. Verizon Wireless DirectVerizon Wireless Direct is the the subsidiary of Verizon Wireless that is states as the glamorous incorporation of the United States.
There An Annoying Caller Who Callsreverse Phone Directory To Lookup ( 609) 207-, Ocean, Beach Haven, Verizon New Jersey, Inc. It seems logical that there would be a way to block a particular phone number directly through your iPhone contacts but, unfortunately, it just isn’t an option.
Verizon wireless Direct was introduced in the year 2000, and has its prime headquarters at New Jersey, USA. The incorporation has its functional branches all across the United States and is best known for its unparalleled customer service.
Verizon Wireless Direct is rendering numerous products and services such as affordable call and internet plans.

The incorporation also permits its subscribers to enjoy the Benefits of its extraordinary services such as 3G, 4G, Broadband services and many more. Verizon Wireless Direct also provides various calling features that includes, Voice mail, International Calling & Roaming, and also provided the job facilities to over 10,000 individuals across the state.
The helpline of Verizon Wireless Direct customer service phone number may or may not be toll free.Click Here To View Verizon Wireless Direct Customer Service Phone NumbersWhat was the response after calling on specified numbers?

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