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The LG Accolade has all the essential features you need in a prepaid cell phone - it helps keep your family on schedule and your life on track. Want to stay with America’s most reliable network and want the latest and coolest phone? Marin NIMBYs Tolerate a Verizon Cell Phone Tower Installation in Sausalito – Improved Service for Tennessee Valley – Hurray! Verizon Wireless has invested more than $5.7 billion in its California network since being founded in 2000. In Northern California, the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network covers more than five million people. Verizon Wireless operates the nation’s fastest, most advanced 4G network and largest, most reliable 3G network. LG Chocolate 3 cell phone, aka VX8560, was released earlier this year at Verizon Wireless, integrating two main functions: a powerful MP3 player and a high-end cell phone.

Available at just $129.99, but with a $50 main-in rebate and a 2-year contract, the new music phone has a stylish flip design with mirror finish and a slim form factor. The V CAST Music with Rhapsody from Verizon provides lots of songs for a monthly subscription fee, and you can get as many as you like storing them in the phonea€™s 1GB memory capacity. With the built-in 2MP camera and some useful tools you can edit the photos captured on the go, using zoom, crop and rotate. In addition to the videos recorded with the same camera, you get access to V CAST Video service with many videos available for download right on your handset, including entertainment, sports, scores, weather and others. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
The site expands 3G wireless coverage and capacity along Highway 101, Highway 1 and Tennessee Valley Road. With the handset you can create playlists, play MP3, WMA, Unprotected AAC and Unprotected AAC+, while doing multi-tasking.

After that, you can listen all with a nice pair of wireless headphones, via the Bluetooth connectivity provided by the Chocolate 3 cell phone.
With a new 2 year contract extension from Verizon Wireless, you will can the some of the most popular phones like the LG VX5500 for free plus bonus Bluetooth headset. Keeping your favorite songs in the background, you can browse the web in searching for the latest news, compose messages for your friends, and check emails. If you need more space to add your stuff, than the best solution is to add a microSD memory card with up to 8GB. If you are new to Verizon Wireless, do consider switching over, because you can get even better deals like LG Dare and Motorola Crave free out of pocket with no rebates required.

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