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We're open to changing providers, but all the phones offered seem to be sleek, good for texting, photo-taking phones.
I'm not trend like alot of my freinds are so i just want a phone that allows me to make calls and can handle abuse- period. We have been using Verizon push to talk service now for 8 years or so, and have been with Verizon, formerly AirTouch, and before that US West since 1984. So while my freinds upgrade phones every few months for whatever trendy reasons, i just stick to bare bones LG phones and have never been let down.

We were having problems with the batteries not staying charged for very long and we were down to the last of our spare batteries.
And they actually get better reception, sound clarity is better, and the push to talk is louder which helps when you are running loud equipment.
Between all the abuse they see in the feild and getting roughed up while working on the race cars I'm not about to stray away from what has worked for me since by nature i'm a lil bit abusive on things since i have better things to keep on my mind than a stupid phone and if it'll get scratched LOL!!
Mine has fallen off of the step of the dump truck going down the road and has been run over once with a dump truck.

And I figured it was going to be hard to get good replacement batteries that haven't been sitting on a shelf for the last few years. I always figured I always have a computer with Verizon broadband access and a digital camera with me, why would I want to do that with a phone.

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