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Verizon Wireless is the one the largest phone carriers in the world, and with that comes millions of phone numbers that are easily searchable online, all for free. The rest of the 50 states and military bases are available in paper format by ordering a white pages book from Verizon. After you have the phone number identified, to the left will be the community the phone number is registered in, and the first column is the name of the person whom the phone number belongs to. Verizon wireless operates biggest wireless telecommunications network and data network, including the largest 3G broadband network in the United States.
In US, Verizon Wireless has 87.7 million customers with more than 87,000 employees working with them and has the highest customer loyalty in the industry.

Verizon wireless offers online deals on its official website to their customers like prepaid phones and plans, smartphone resource center and much more.
Verizon gives help to its customers by calling them, send an email, or get quick answers with online help. If you don’t see the phone number in this directory, that means it has either been hidden or is new enough that the Verizon Whitepages have not had enough time to be updated. On Verizon customer support website you will find two options Residential or Small business (Up to 20 employees). On this page you have to give Zip code and click on submit to get accurate information about wireless pricing, coverage, customer service, and offers near you.

Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you, an unknown number on your list of missed calls.

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