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VirtualPBX was founded in 1997 in San Jose, California, is a Communications Service Provider pioneer. Their customer support is US-based and definitely good, the only thing we found they may need to improve is their hours of operation: Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM Pacific Time.
VirtualPBX is a BBB accredited business since June 1st, 2010 with the highest rating of A+.
VirtualPBX offers the industry standard for reliability, scalability, availability, and ease-of-use.
VirtualPBX is really a good solution for your virtual phone system and should consider them as one of your first choices if not only one.
These days, hosted phone systems and more recently cloud based phone systems are more popular as they are more efficient, reliable and less costly.

Main advantages to Virtual PBX (IP connected hosted PBX) is low maintenance, because you are sharing resources with many other clients, most up-to-date infrastructure, and scalable technology (little, or no capital investment). Virtual PBX is the new, most advanced and economical way for businesses to run and expand their telecommunications. Comparison ShoppingSorry -- there's no comparison between the Google ChromeCast device and Amazon's Fire TV Stick!
Virtual phone numbers are local or toll free telephone numbers that you can set up from any location and forward them to any phone, extension, or voicemail. They provide toll free numbers, local numbers and international number with their virtual phone system.
Large companies had many full-time staff services such systems and small ones, well, they sort of needed to learn to service their phones themselves.

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) enables phone calls over the Internet, requiring much less investment and enabling cleaner and more reliable phone system.
Small businesses can secure a virtual phone number in just minutes with an area code or toll free number prefix of their choice, and forward that virtual telephone number to any existing telephone, employee extension, department extension, or voicemail box. Even with a great provider, phones are still connected by wires, so scaling up your phone system means installing new wires.

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