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NaMo Number is your score that keeps track of how many election Id numbers you SMS to 78200 78200. NaMo Number is a measure of your contribution towards Mission 272+ and helps determine the rank amongst all other participants. NarendraModi is the only leader who can help realize your dream and make India a powerful nation. NaMo Number helps us in identifying the true NaMo supporters and form a network in order to ensure that on voting day each one of us cast our votes.
NaMo Number is your score that keeps track of how many election Id numbers you SMS to 7820078200.
Thus, you will get points at two levels – For those who you directly convince to SMS and One point for each of the friend of friends that SMS as well. You can convince people either in person, or on the phone or through social media like Facebook, etc.
But most importantly, get out and vote on the election day and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.
Get Every NaMo Supporter to SMS their Voter ID to 7820078200 and ask them to add your mobile number at the end.
The NaMoNumber Dashboard page (once you login) shows you the voting date and mobile number for everyone in your network. Now linking your voter ID to aadhar card online is possible on National Voter’s Service Portal. With this, anybody with two voting card will be easily caught as one aadhar card number will have only one voting card number as well. With poor response to the linkage, poll officials roll out drive in schools, colleges to meet July deadline. Students will have to submit copies of their parents’ Aadhaar, EPIC and mobile numbers to their school authorities who in turn will hand over the data to the education officer.
To help bridge the huge divide in linking Aadhaar numbers with the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) numbers, the Pune district election officials have now turned to students. With a large number of schools in the district, if each child hands over the details, the election department hopes that it can help link a sizeable population. The labour commissioner has been appointed as the nodal officer for the drive to be carried out at IT companies. The coming week will see card linking activity at all levels, said Gokule on the drive instructed by the Pune district collector. Besides IT companies, they have reached out to large societies as well which will help them collect forms. The district administration officials have informed people that those with double entries, should fill up form 7 to get their names delete from all places except one or else the administration officials will be forced to delete it randomly. This includes your VoterID number as well as that of your friends and family whom you have convinced to support NaMo. It is critical to have a direct communication channel between the leadership and each supporter and the NaMo Number exercise enables us to do so.
You should also convince each of your friends to do the same with their contacts and you also get a one point credit for each valid SMS received by their referral. The VoterID SMSed by you needs to be typed exactly as it is mentioned on the Voter ID Card.

You will get credit for the friends and friend-of-friends that you influence in registering for the NaMo number. This would improve the economic and social prospects of the country and restore India to its rightful place in the world. After the name there will be an option to ‘feed aadhar number.’ Here, you need to submit your name, aadhar number, voting id number, mobile number and mail id. With most state board schools re-opening next week, a special drive in the coming week will see students get their parents’ Aadhaar, EPIC and mobile numbers, and hand it over to their teachers. We have asked students to get the details by June 19 and the school heads or principals will have to hand over the details to the education officer,’’ said deputy election officer Samiksha Chandrakar Gokule. Children are expected to carry photocopies of Aadhaar and EPIC cards of their parents, added Gokule. The drive is part of the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Programme.
Getting the voter card through online portal makes it easy and convenient for a person living anywhere in India. Thus this would help India to come back on the path of progress and growth, and establish its rightful place in the world. Local party workers will also complement your efforts to make sure every NaMo supporter votes. To remove the details of the fraudulent voters from their database, a new campaign for linking aadhaar card to voter id card is being carried out. The data collected will be submitted to their respective principals, who have been appointed as ‘booth heads’. The same will be done for anganwadis too, where parents will be asked to provide the details to the anganwadi workers. The fact that this process is online has also attracted a lot of youth towards registering for a voter id card. It also helps the campaign to seek your voluntary effort in trying to garner more support towards NaMo becoming the next Prime Minister of India.
The programme, which was launched on February 27, aims to complete 100 per cent linkage by July 30. With a July-end deadline, the Pune district has rolled out this special initiative which will see all the schools participate in the drive.
Another advantage of going online for registering voter card is that the forms are available in regional languages of the respective states.Process for New Voter ID Card Registration OnlineThe election commission of India has made it quite easy for Indians to register for Election card online. Click here to Read about this Programme What is EPIC – Aadhaar SeedingThe process of Aadhaar-Voter ID Card linkage is also referred as EPIC-Aadhaar Seeding. If you intend to get a voter card for yourself using the internet then you will have to go to the webpage of your State Election Commission.
Most of State Election Commission websites have the option  titled “Register for Voter ID Card online” on their homepage. The person applying for the card needs to click on the link, and he will be taken to a new page where they can register themselves. Although the process to register for electoral card online is free but you must have a registered account on the site before you begin registration. In addition to this, you will also need to keep handy a scanned copy of your passport size photograph and various documents which will serve as age proof, address proof and ID proof.

If you already had an election card and lost it, here’s a detailed guide on how to apply for a duplicate Voter ID Card online. During the online process for Voter ID Card registration, you will be asked to upload the above mentioned documents along with your photograph. This list consists of names of all those people within a specific area who are atleast 18 years old and are eligible to vote. Electoral list is so vital that if your name is not present in it then you are not permitted to vote. The only method(right now) i found to verify this is that you need to do the same process again.
You can go to the website of your state election commission where you register your voter ID card online.
And if aadhaar card and voter id have been linked successfully, you will get following notificationHelplineContact Number – 91-7702310006. The site will provide you with the option of finding your name in the list directly, you will need to just enter either your application ID or your name.
The other way that state election commission may allow you to find your name in voters list is by mobile phone. Many a times toll free numbers are run by election commission of the state.
If you are experiencing any problem, kindly also mention your state.Also ReadNERPAP – What is it ? The form requires you to fill your details including personal information such as name, age, address, date of birth, family details like father and mother name. The voter ID card online form also requires you to upload a scanned copy of passport size photograph which fulfills the dimension criteria as set by the election commission India. You will have to upload scanned copies of documents as required.Form 6 of Election Commission of IndiaMost election commission sites provide the application form for voter ID card in English as well as regional language of that state. This makes it easy for those who are not literate in English language to register for voting. Can fill “Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll” to register my self? That is the reason why there are various forms available from Election Commission India for Indian voters to change details in voter ID card online.
For transposing an entry on your voter ID card online such as a typo, you will need to fill form 8A. If you want to change details like change address or update details you will need to use form 8.
The members of this board research on every possible information about Voter ID Card in India, speak to concerned Government Officials and verify the authenticity and accurateness of all Voter ID Card related information.
Will let you know soon, stay in touchReply B A Uma says Mar 29, 2015 at 12:51 pmI have not received my Aadhaar card.
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