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Contact Family Mobile, tell they you need your account number and account PIN and ask if there is anything else you need to do to transfer your number.
Make sure to read all the comments on thwe articles below to read about other readers’ experiences. If you want to change to Straight Talk because you have poor coverage, then the issue is likely the tmobile network in your area.
One trick you can try is to find a friend with an ATT phone that uses the same size SIM card and put in in your phone. You should be able to use your Sprint iPhone 4s with Straight Talk and it shouldn’t be too complicated.
Enter a Network Access Code, Buy a Network Access Code, or upgrade your existing BYOP Straight Talk CDMA phone.

I started a plan back in June through Wal-Mart Family Mobile with a cheap dumb phone and got a new phone number. If you don’t want to be on the Sprint network, look into selling your Sprint iPhone 4s and picking up a Verizon or ATT model used. You pick the network that has better coverage in your area and the network that your phone will work with.
Depending on your selling price, this could cost you some money out of pocket, be a break even deal, or even net you a small profit. I put in my MEID and zip code and Straight Talk says my Iphone is compatible, but I’ve been using my Wal-Mart Family Mobile number for business so I’ve given out the number to many people. Selling your old phone and buying a used phone requires effort, but its better than using a network with poor coverage in your area.

At that point, the phone will be deactivated and your family mobile account will be terminated. Your number will be active on the iPhone, you may need to reset your iPhone to get it working. I would like to transfer the phone number I’m using to Straight Talk, but also use the IPhone 4S I already have, as I don’t currently have the funds to purchase a new phone.

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