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If consumers are hating on their carrier and cannot change due to a contract, T-Mobile reportedly has got that covered. T-Mobile has extended incredible instances through-out their Uncarrier roll-out which continues to impress customers. Bunton states he had his doubts, until his source sent him a document that shows a real potential for doubt to become fact. The genius behind the bold and risky moves is all thanks to the eclectic mind of one CEO, named John Legere.
In the beginning, the top three big boys probably waved off Legere as nothing more than a publicity stunt – then something happened, Legere demanded change in the unchanged industry.
I know there is EDGE service outside big cities, but seriously how much time can the average person spend out driving.
As the end of my Verizon contract is getting near I signed up for one of T-Mobile’s $30 a month for 100 talk minutes, unlimited text and 5 GB of high speed data. Sure, people should investigate if TMobile’s network would serve their needs before switching.
I’ve been with Verizon Wireless for almost 15 years since they were called Air Touch Cellular. ChargeAll envisions its mobile charging stations in 7Elevens, fast-food restaurants, and shopping malls and imagines business-savvy companies offering free charging if the user takes a survey or buys something at the store. Researchers are working with an "ink" that will change cotton and polyester into electronic textiles that double as rechargable batteries. British mobile carrier Orange partnered with GotWind in 2010 to develop rain boots that charge your phone. Though it was just a concept for the Glastonbury Music Festival, the prototype flaunts the potential of mobile charging solutions.
The Sound Charge t-shirt, another Glastonbury Festival prototype from Orange, powers mobile phones while attendees watch bands in action.
Users just plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology for a quick top-off charge. New lightweight military uniforms incorporate intelligent textiles into the vest, shirt, helmet and backpack, as well as into the glove and weapons platform. The tech would let soldiers charge one single battery, and then the power from that battery would be sent through the clothing to where it needs to charge a device. A team of researchers at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University are working on Power Felt, a thermoelectric device that could convert body heat into electrical current. An entrepreneur in Kenya is being funded by the National Council of Science and Technology to create shoes that generate energy from pressure. An ulta-thin chip of crystals would be inserted within the soles of your shoes to create electricity. In 2008, a solar-powered bra received a lot of attention for being able to generate enough electric energy to charge a mobile phone. Though it's yet to take off, the lingerie company Triumph has made a whole series of odd bras. If you absolutely cannot wait for these concepts to develop, this small cylindrical device uses the energy you generate while walking, running or biking to charge your smartphone, music player, GPS and other hand-held devices. The move signals a trend toward healthier products and an effort to expand its menu (as if you didn’t already have enough options at Starbucks). Ting is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that licenses and resells access to Sprint’s network. Since our iPhone bill was one of larger monthly expenses, and our contract was up, I did some research on what other options were out there. According to their website, 98% of customers would save money switching to Ting, and the average monthly bill is just $21 per device. Since our average Verizon bill last year was $126.26 ($63.13 per device), it definitely got my attention! There’s a base charge of $6 per device per month, and after that the billing is based on the minutes you talk, the texts you send, and the data you use. Note: You can get a $25 credit toward your new Ting account if you sign up through my referral link. Both run on the Sprint network as well, so it essentially came down to how the service was packaged and sold. Virgin has a well-known brand name, and would have been a cost savings over Verizon, but their pricing was a little higher than Ting based on our usage.
They are running a special for iPhone users for $5 off per month, but based on the minutes we use, it would have been $40 per line, or $80 in total. Not so handy for when you’re out and about and need to make a call or look something up. By all accounts, it’s a great phone, though we would have had to buy 2 of those for $299 apiece.

Ultimately we decided since we’d been so happy with our iPhones, we wanted to stick with a service that could use iPhones. One major downside of Verizon is that many of their phones won’t work on other networks because they use a different technology. The other consideration for us was to make sure the iPhones we were buying had either model number  A1349 or A1387 on the back. I bought one from a friend (actually Kai from Episode 4 of The Side Hustle Show) for $150, and another off eBay for $170. Note: You can get a $25 credit toward your new Ting account if you sign up through my referral link.
Although our contract was up with Verizon, Ting has a special offer to encourage people to switch, where they’ll actually pay up to $75 of your early termination fee. I asked my virtual assistant service how much the phones were worth, and I was surprised when they came back with two very different numbers.
That definitely seemed a little high, but hey if that’s the price on the open market, I was all for it. I created the listings for our 2 devices and sold them quickly without issue, one for $145 and one for $130.
Swappa has a $10 selling fee per device, and I spent around $6 shipping each one, so in total I netted $243.
So for those of you scoring at home, that’s a $77 total investment for 2 new phones and a new carrier.
The 3G seems slower, we’ve dropped a few calls, and some text messages have been delayed. Aside from the tremendous cost savings, I’m excited about a couple other benefits of our new cell phone plan. Did I really need to check my email at the gym, in the grocery store checkout line, or while hanging out with friends? Another awesome thing about our new phones is that they have SIM-card support where our old Verizon phones did not.
The true price of the phone was baked into the service fees over the length of the two-year contract. For us, it was tough to overcome the inertia of not making a switch, which is exactly what the carriers bank on. Join today and download the free report The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money, plus get actionable tips and insight to advance your side hustle each week. Join the Nation!Get instant access to the exclusive FREE report The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money!
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The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money!Whack the button below for instant access to my exclusive FREE report The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money! Rumors are surfacing the final strategy of the Uncarrier revolution will cover customer’s early termination fees, hence buyout the contract, when switching to T-Mobile. The two largest carriers are already casting nervous eyes to their marketing team for assistance.
In the distant past carriers would offer contract buyouts as a promotion, but it seems this is a feature T-Mobile may be making permanent.
The source advises that T-Mobile will be looking to launch the rebate promotion on January 15th.
Dressed to draw in camaraderie from customers, Legere is known for wearing his jeans and T-Mobile, pink emblazoned shirts around the company and the stock market floors. Reports of T-Mobile buying out contracts is a massive move that will be sure to have the largest GSM and CDMA carriers sweating.
I mean if I have to buy another iPhone 5 and Nexus 5 then I might as well pay AT&T the ETF. We needed a network extender to get a reliable signal at home on Verizon, not with TMobile. We’re saving between $70 to $80 a month for MORE services than we were getting on Verizon. I have four lines if T-Mobile would pay the penalties on the four lines I would make the jump T-Mobile! Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. His company ChargeAll has built kiosks with bins that hold mobile devices and charge them, without requiring cords.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz also announced free wireless charging stations in select stores in Boston and Silicon Valley. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In the future, we’ll look fondly back on the days when juice was just pureed fruit in a glass. They are unique among cell phone providers in that your monthly bill is based on how much you use the service. But that would have necessitated buying 2 new $500+ phones and pretty much wiping out any potential savings.
I just followed the prompts on the computer and on the phone and within a couple hours, it was all active and ready to go.
The whole thing was restored from an iCloud backup — pictures, contacts, apps, layout, everything.
One cool thing about Swappa (as opposed to eBay) is that they have a pretty solid verification process to reduce the risk from the buyer’s side.
During that time we were still paying Verizon a rate that included inflated margins since they subsidized our original phone purchase. If you stick around the same carrier with the same service and the same device, you’re essentially buying that phone over and over again. My wife and I are using it and yes, its cut our bill in half for all the same usage as what we had on sprint.
Getting Started with Private Labeling and Amazon FBAHow to Make a Full-Time Living on CraigslistStuck in the Rat Race? When Uncarrier 4.0 is announced in early January, many will be expecting the news to leak of the buyout information. Extended payment plans have been offered and carriers are sweating to keep up with the four stages of the Uncarrier revolution. Since the changes and consumers gravitating, investors are perking up and T-Mobile’s stock has continued to increase, gathering in bounties galore on the stock room floor. It will be interesting to see what the next steps will be for the big three, as Legere takes the stage in early January to release another revolutionary step. You can start a prepaid account for under $30 and an old or cheap prepaid phone and give them a try for a month. If you travel out of your city there are MANY gaps in signal along interstates and highways. Also, I’ve driven cross country and only found dead spots in very rural areas, like up in the upper peninsula (Escanaba area). The coffee company has decided to jump on the health bandwagon with its purchase of Evolution Fresh for $30 million. To be sure, it’s no slim picking in the super-premium juice segment, a $1.6 billion industry each year. Because with Starbucks joining the craze, we should soon expect to order a three-mango, light-banana, no-sugar frappe with an extra shot of calcium.
From dropping contracts, moving into payment plans and offering global unlimited data – the company is seducing mobile consumers.
Indeed, Starbucks is pitting itself against juice stalwarts Odwalla and Naked Juice – owned by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, respectively.
The source states T-Mobile’s target is reaching out to families with five or more lines. The credit is permitted per phone, for a max of $350 and the customer must be willing to turn over their device to T-Mobile. This CEO needs to figure out that some people like contracts if they dont have to pay out the butt for a phone The internet is slow, you loose service and my bill has not decreased like I have read would happen.
And as 82% of Starbucks’ sales come from its proprietary locations, according to the Wall Street Journal, perhaps squeezing onto the shelves in supermarkets and other stores will indeed help to diversify. This would require a new phone purchase, but with T-Mobile’s impressively affordable plans and phone payments, it can be feasible and a good choice for a family.
They’ve also been expanding their tower coverage like crazy to add more 4G[HSPA+] services.
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