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Cell phones emit radiation, whether you believe it or not, so don’t keep the phone in your bra, pants or pockets too long. This entry was posted in Outrageousness and tagged Brain Tumor, Celebrity, Cell Phone, Devil, Famous, Radiation, Tom Cruise, Tumor by Joseph McConnell.
An update to our popular senior citizen cell phone, the new rugged waterproof model makes accidental drops, even into water - a non issue. With a rugged fall protection and waterproof design, this phone is so simple to use and features a great many other specs that are sure to please. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! I’ve seen it slowly creep into our culture, taking over the hearts and minds (and attention spans) of our wonderful human compatriots.
Remember the short run of the Andy Dick show where they had a sketch with people who had cell phone brain tumors?

Isn’t that a sign because celebrities are rich and know all the secrets to the universe, right??
This rugged phone has a built in SOS button to enable someone to alert their contacts as quick as possible.
Free download the high resolution mobile phone desktop wallpapers for your handset and computer background. Now we’ve got mostly smart phones that cost $200-500 bucks and last for maybe a year.
Also included is a handy in-built camera for taking pictures or videos and features large and intuitive icons, bluetooth connection and more.
The rest of the time you’re stuck yelling or complaining about how crappy your phone is.
How many in-person conversations do you have with people in a day (non work related) that last longer than 30 seconds?

So if you’re going to continue to use your cell phone a lot just be mindful, use some common sense and educate yourself. Couldn’t that anxious need for gratification or acceptance be provided by being silent in your mind and enjoying the moment with yourself or whoever you’re with? I’m just exercising my American right of free speech, stating some opinions and sharing some information. I was never molested or kidnapped or maimed (I know that happens sometimes- but unfortunately stuff like that will always happen no matter how many cell phones we give our children). And people talked so much in the first decade cell phones became available that they’re exhausted now and just text message.

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