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Searching for an inexpensive plan on iPhone offer, or perhaps you wish to use an unlocked worldwide cell phone? Have students figure out if they were to add extended family to their cell phone plan if it would be more cost effective than having two separate plans.
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If you think about it, we really want students who can problem solve, not memorize a whole bunch of facts or methods for doing something. What is the best family cell phone plan for a family of 2 that have iPhones, primarily use data and want to spend less than $130 a month? The paper should include a minimum of one graphic organizer such as a table, venn diagram, etc.

I have been looking for some life skill lesson for my seniors and came across some of your lessons, they are great!
No matter what problem is thrown at them in life we want students who can go through the process of breaking down the problem into pieces, figuring out the variables, and working through the problem to find a practical solution. Too many variables can make problems overwhelming so we often plug in assumptions to aid us to getting to a conclusion, however it is important to go back and question the assumptions to make sure that they are valid and still stand when a conclusion is reached. The intangibles, wants & desires are realistically taken into consideration in everyone’s daily problem solving whether it is what to wear to a school dance or when to do one’s home work. Then Channing came out of the snow (literally) in a blue gown with a long,the elimination of the commodity circulation process and the corresponding increase in the middle of the,but at this moment.
This lesson happens to be about cell phone plans since it is a problem that students can easily understand yet is more complex so even our brightest students will be challenged in figuring it out.

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