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I’ve now had the TracFone Samsung Galaxy Centura for two full months, and have used it as my primary phone for most of that time.
With that said, I have no doubt that I am asking more of this device than 90% of TracFone users out there would do.
If you are thinking about purchasing this device, and you plan to use it mainly for talking and texting, you’ll be fine with it. Similarly, if you are considering this as a first-time smart phone for someone on your Christmas shopping list, I’d say go for it. If you aren’t in a rush, though, you should also be aware of another development in the TracFone world. Bottom Line: A year of owning this device, including the initial purchase price, is going to cost me right around $300. Battery life is fine, it gets me through a day, which is as much as one can hope for with smart phones these days. I feel like the processor is just half a beat slower than what I would call fast, but it’s adequate.
I got my replacement phone in about 11 days (had to ship the old one back in a mailer Tracfone sent before they shipped a new one), and it seems to be better than the first one.
I switched to Republic Wireless and just got the new Moto X for $25.00 per month plus I have cell service at my home now since it routes calls through WiFi when out of range of cell towers without ANY of the problems you mentioned in your review. I mentioned this already in a reply to Nicholas, but you might also want to keep an eye on the Moto G. Once it is active in their system, I believe you need to dial *22890 and follow any voice prompts from there.
Having loaded only the 5 Apps that I only ever use, the phone performs fine and I think the camera is incredibly good. On a side note, it seems like this is an app opportunity – create a very simple app that turns the airplane mode on, then off again to reset the clock.
I’m glad the tip helped you out, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with others here in the comments as well! Hi Neil, open the camera app and tap on the little icon to the left near the bottom that looks kind of like a basket weave.
You can have your camera save your pics to an sd card but from my experience with sd cards in this phone I wouldn’t recommend it unless you also immediately backup your pics to a pc. That’s strange, I have not had any trouble pairing bluetooth devices with the Centura.
Yes, if you are coming from a Galaxy S3, the centura is most certainly a big step backward. Mu phone use to freeze alot to and I finally realized that if I turned the phone on and kept my finger too long on the power button it froze it.
Just a thought – have you tried doing this file transfer while the centura is paired with a different device – perhaps a friends phone?
I can send any kind of file by bluetooth from Centura to the Le Pan Tablet but have problem with the Centura receiving pic files. Samsung debuted the Galaxy S5 with a brand new TouchWiz user interface, and since its arrival, all new Samsung phones and tablets this year come with the new looks. Onething you might want to do with your device (if you tinker with it a lot) is to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging.
Thank you PA for telling me something that all app developers know since the very first time they start developing.

While I have played with them before, I’ve never really used one as my primary device for such a long period of time. Another tweak that seemed to bog me down was a custom keyboard app, which frequently lagged during text entry.
I think they will be happy with how much more they can do on a smart phone as opposed to their old QWERTY or flip-phone. One seriously frustrating glitch, that is clearly an error on the part of Samsung, is in the clock. This one is probably more than most people will expect from their phone, but I really like being able to use a play-pause answer button on my headphones when listening to music or other audio content. If I wanted an iPhone or high-end Android device like the Galaxy S4 or HTC One on a contract carrier, especially Verizon, I would end up paying many multiples of that. These things are phones, I use the phone part most often so I always want to know how they do as a phone.
This is an older version of Android I’ve discovered and I’d like to know how fast the processor feels to you, does it seem slow?
Being retired military I can live with using GMT but it screws up a weather App which is the primary reason I have a smart phone.
I like hearing from you because I think that you have a critical eye and unbiased, practical approach – much like I aim to do! I have a Blackberry Curve, a couple iPhones and two android phones and I got the Samsung Galaxy Centura primarily to use via wifi. You should not have trouble activating your S3 on Straight Talk as long as it is a ATT phone. Downloaded the music to the phone, player says it is there, but everytime you try to play something it says music playback error, cannot play this track.
The new, 2014 edition of TouchWiz comes in a full-on version for flagship-class phones and tablets, and a lighter one for more affordable gadgets, but they both share a brand new settings menu with colorful icons.It looks cheerful at first, but just try navigating around it - you instantly feel youa€™re in a maze of options and settings, and you just cana€™t find your way. I really like the ability to customize different settings such as the lock screen, home screen shortcuts, keyboard layout, and widgets. Reverting to the default settings for these two options resulted in much snappier performance, but then again my phone isn’t quite the way I want it any more either. But if you are considering making the leap from an advanced smart phone on one of the big networks, be careful – you might end up disappointed with this one. This allows users to purchase a used or otherwise out-of-contract Verizon-compatible phone elsewhere (with several important limitations), and then activate with TracFone’s service.
On most, if not all, previous Android devices I’ve used, it is possible to move at least some of the apps from internal storage to an SD card. For unknown reasons, and at seemingly unpredictable times, the phone’s internal clock defaults to Greenwich Mean Time. For about five years now, I have used iPhone headphones with a build-in microphone and playback controls. There is a persistent static buzz in underneath any audio that comes through the audio jack. I am disappointed with Tracfone because I wanted to transfer 6888 minutes from my LG600G to the Centura, but only 2000 made it. Or, even if you don’t want the centura, you might be able to sell a new, unopened Centura on eBay and use that toward your next phone. I have an SD card installed and when I check the setting for mounting, I do have an option to unmount the card.

I don’t think the other carriers will work, but I could be wrong specifically about Verizon.
Wea€™ve seen experienced Android geeks complain about the steep learning curve, so thata€™s why you might need some help. The pricing of the service is the same as for the Centura and other smartphones you’d get directly from TracFone. This affects many aspects of the phone’s operation, including alarm and calendar apps. Switching to bluetooth helped quite a bit, but the quality there was still lacking compared to other devices, especially Apple’s i-devices. One downside is that the roaming with TracFone smart phones on Verizon is NOT as good as the roaming on verizon-based CDMA feature phones. Wait a few seconds for the airplane icon to come up in the status bar, then repeat the process to bring it out of airplane mode.
I like the Ultimate 2 the best out of the current TracFones, but I think you could make a solid argument on behalf of the Moto E, especially for $30 less. I mostly only use this phone over wifi and use the Pinger Ex app to make free text and phone calls. This is intriguing, but so far I haven’t heard enough success stories to recommend the option. Unfortunately, and for reasons I’m not experienced enough to understand, that is not possible on this device. On one occasion, this glitch occurred overnight, resulting in my alarm not waking me at the appropriate time.
In one area in particular, I know I have very strong coverage with and old LG 501c, but can’t do anything with my Centura. When the phone reestablishes the cellular connection, it will automatically reset the clock.
The byop program is a good idea for people who want better phones than what is offered directly through straight talk. Try again later” Or sometimes it will start downloading and then just never complete. If you can hold off and let the dust settle, and the BYOP is a success, you’ll be better off spending $100-$150 on a used Android device instead of buying this phone directly from TracFone. There are some work-arounds, such as switching into and back out of airplane mode, or making a call. That puts my average cost per month at right around $14 – something I definitely can live with. However, as in the case of my overnight glitch, you might not always realize the problem before it’s negatively affected your life. I feel like I waste hours and hours on the internet looking for answers to these questions.

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