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Bridget White, in London as a young woman early in 1610, was the recipient of the series of lively letters with which Donne's son chose to open his edition of his father's Letters to Severall Persons of Honour (1651). Peter Beal's Index of English Literary Manuscripts, 1625-1700, lists 38 of Donne's letters as extant, of which only three are in private hands. Free WhitePages Guide: If you have a phone number or address and you want to know who the owner is then you are looking for reverse look up services. The daughter of Thomas White of Southwick, Hampshire, she had returned to the country by midsummer, and married Sir Henry Kingsmill, son of a local squire, later in the same year.

The present letter is one of only two to survive of the Letters to Severall Persons of Honour; it is one of the five used by Izaak Walton in his Life of Dr John Donne to exemplify the poet's epistolary style. This guide will help you understand how you will have to search and what to expect from the results. Donne is known to have written to her again from France in 1612, but after that no letters are known until this magnificent letter of consolation, composed on the day of her husband's death. THIS IS THE ONLY AUTOGRAPH LETTER OR MANUSCRIPT BY DONNE TO HAVE BEEN SOLD AT AUCTION SINCE THE VERSE EPISTLE TO LADY CAREW IN 1970. Let us not presume to contest God's actions, 'as though we could direct him to do them better'; we should no more presume to alter his actions than the Scriptures -- 'As they do yll, who add to hys written wyll, hys Scriptures, a scedule of Apocryphall books, so do they also, who to hys other wyll, hys manifested Actions, add Apocryphall conditions, and a scedule of such limitations, If god would have stayd thus longe, or If god would have proceeded in thys, or thys Manner, I could have borne it'.

Lady Kingsmill lived on until 1672, and was one of those to whom the younger John Donne presented an edition of Biathanatos after its publication in 1646. THE PRESENT LETTER, WITH ITS REMINISCENCES OF THE STYLE OF HIS SERMONS, IS PERHAPS THE FINEST IN EXISTENCE.

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