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Thomas Wilson dressed as Ben a€?Jamin Franklin sings God Bless America on the steps of Floridaa€™s Historic Capitol, April 15, 2009A 2. On February 27, I was attending the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C.
A few of my friends capitalized on the momentum generated from the Rick Santelli a€?rant of the yeara€? on February 17. Live on CNBC, Santelli had announced he was thinking of having a a€?Chicago tea party in Julya€? as those working on the floor of the Chicago stock exchange cheered him on.
The video of his rant went viral, as Americans across the country stood up in their offices and cheered.
Fortunately for us today, my friends Brendan Steinhauser of FreedomWorks, John Oa€™Hara of the Heartland Institute (now of the Illinois Policy Institute), and J.P. They called each other within days and held conference calls with bloggers like Michelle Malkin and others who shared Santellia€™s views. In a week, they organized a tea party to take place outside the White House at 12 noon on Friday, February 27.
It was energizing to see 300 fellow patriots come to the grounds of the White House and protest the taxpayer bailouts of failed banks and corporations and the reckless spending in the $787 billion a€?stimulusa€? bill signed into law just days before.

They did it in the name of liberty, limited government, personal responsibility, and for the next generation.
While I was a€?snowed ina€? at my buddy Brendana€™s place in DC for an extra two days beyond my intended stay, I created a Facebook group for the a€?Tallahassee Tea Party.a€? Before I returned to town, hundreds of patriots in Tallahassee had already joined the group.
More than 1,000 tea parties were held on a€?tax daya€? with nearly a million people participating, including more than 50,000 Floridians at more than 50 tea parties around the Sunshine State. One reporter said she had not seen that many people at the grounds of the state capitol since Florida State won their last football title (in 1999). We have slowed down legislation on a government takeover of health care and a government cap and trade system to tax our use of energy. Elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and even Massachusetts stunned the pundits and those who thought we were all socialists now.

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