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There's nothing more annoying than seeing a weird phone number pop up on your cellphone, without any clues to who may be calling.
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Caller ID by WhitePages Android App helps identify your incoming caller’s identification for mobile phones. Gripe Alert: You would expect to identify more callers with this app, but then again WhitePages can only ID those numbers listed. The tag-along caller ID text is a bit small, but the full app is optimized well for mobile and exhibits WhitePages brand (way better than the apps initial debut).
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If you haven't added them into your contacts, you just get the number, without the name.So with an ever-increasing amount of call spam coming our way, we were excited when the folks at White Pages contacted us to check out its new Reverse Phone Lookup app.
After 6 months, you’ll have the option to renew Premium Caller ID, or keep using our landline-only Standard Caller ID for free. I was wondering how we knew the program was actually accessing the white pages instead of the contact list.
It promises to look up those pesky numbers for free -- even while the phone is ringing -- so you can figure out who these people are. You can also save identified callers in your Contacts easy and get their general location on Google Maps with optional directions. It takes an average of 2-4 rings for calls to identified on 3G or Wifi, even longer if you’re lower than 3G. And there are tools to block the spammers as well.Only one snag -- the only numbers you can look up for free are landlines, and for that, the app works just fine. Additionally you can search┬áPeople, Businesses and perform a Reverse Lookup, plus see Android window shade notifications.

Also, I would hope that the program would use the name from the contact list if the person was listed there.
That’s the person I actually know at the number, which may not be the same person listed in the white pages. White Pages promises results for over 200 million landline numbers, and 600 million cellphone numbers.When we tried the app Tuesday morning on 10 numbers, not one popped up with a name -- even our own. Instead we got, "Cellphone from Clearwater, Florida," "Unpublished number," "Cellphone from El Segundo, California," and the offer to look up the numbers for a fee. White Pages also offers a monthly subscription plan, with unlimited look-ups for $2.99 monthly.

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