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Some exciting changes to White Pages are coming in May, but your web browser won't support them. Moving to an aged care facility is an important decision which results in a number of changes affecting your life. Our staff are very committed to ensuring you get the best possible care and support you need. NVC began as Autumn Lodge Nursing Home, opening in 1978 at Macksville followingconsiderable hard work and fundraising by members of the local community.
In 1993 we expanded the service to NambuccaHeads when a modern 40 place low care facility was opened at Riverside Gardens. We try to ensure that each person we serve has the opportunity and support to experience the best quality of life possible.
NVC's philosophy emerges from our tradition of community service and the belief thateach one of us is worthy of unconditional love, acceptance and support. It is the driving force that demands of us toprovide the support and encouragement for each person to participate in life in ways they choose, in ways that enhance life quality according to them.
Support services are provided to people in a way that combines traditional practices withmodern innovations developed within our organisation and taken from current bestpractices in use in the wider health care community. Operating in diverse heavy industries and mining industries, in resource extraction and recovery andin aggregate sales and marketing. SCE Industrial Services is a world class provider of on-site services to the steel industry and to major metallurgical producers and mining industries. SCE Premix operates a modern computerised concrete batch plant at Dapto, southern Wollongong, with a satellite plant at North Wollongong.
Interlink Roads also owns & operates E-way - a state of the art tolling system that allows you to drive non-stop through any electronic toll plaza in Australia. Green light on the M5Motorways like the M5 have long proven to be inherently safer, more efficient and less polluting than other roads.Motorways have higher speed limits, hard shoulders, fewer intersections, one way traffic flow and no pedestrians. Interlink Roads would require greater interest from customers than our surveys currently reveal, for these ramps to be economically viable.
Provision was made during construction to allow for widening of the road to three lanes in each direction for the full length of the motorway. At the appropriate time, and subject to fulfilment of all environmental concerns, we expect to be granted approval to widen the road. The NSW Roads & Traffic Authority (RTA) Cashback plan is a NSW government initiative that allows motorists on the M5 and M4 to receive a refund of all tolls they pay on these roads, less GST. Are E-way customers eligible for the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) Cashback Plan?

E-way customers are entitled to a refund of their tolls for all but the Cashback GST component for private trips on the M5 and the M4 motorways. At the M5 we've long said using our motorway provides motorists with a range of advantages.Now, a study conducted by independent consultants IMIS, together with the University of Melbourne, has found the M5 offers environmental benefits in the form of reduced pollution, as well as safety benefits. Motorists using the M5 also save time.The information below shows the average time saved in 2008 by motorists who used the M5 as compared to motorists using the alternative route. Tenterfield Shire Council covers an area of 713,439 hectares including mountains and rural landscape. Land Transport is Truck Safe accredited, a National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) member and Basic Fatigue Management accredited.
Being in the transport business is more than a job for Barry and Raewyn, it is a way of life A? growing up, their children were as much a part of the business as their staff.
Storage and DistributionWith the vast number of depots around the country and our experienced and dedicated staff, Land Transport offer quick and efficient storage and distribution to compliment our transport operations. Land Transport has specifically designed trailers for the cartage of machinery, trucks and all general freight. We're often on the lookout for qualified and motivated people to join the Land Transport team. Land Transport has built its reputation on reliability, safety and an excellent standard of service. We are also accredited with Basic Fatigue Management with all of our drivers having completed the approved training as part of our fatigue management system. We will do our best to ensure this move is as easy as possible for you, supporting both you and your family as you make the decision and make the move to living with us.
We serve people who are experiencing a decline in abilities due to ageing or older people whose support needs arise from an accident or illness.
It is the job of every staff member to help us achieve this and we expect every staff member to contribute to the best of their ability at all times. Our approach is to remain asflexible as possible, providing for the needs of each person to the best of our ability. Industrial Services operations are based in Wollongong and Sydney in New South Wales and has thecapacity and resources to provide services throughout Australia. Even so, following a few simple guidelines will make travelling on the M5 safer and smoother for you and your fellow motorists. As well as the M5 South West, your E-way tag can be used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel, Eastern Distributor, M4 and M2 Motorways, Cross City Tunnel and Westlink M7. It can be used in Queensland on the Gateway and Logan Motorways and in Victoria on the Melbourne Citylink.

If you would like to express your interest in opening east facing ramps at Belmore Road, please send us an email via the Contact page. You register your vehicle's details with the pass issuer and provide them with your payment details.
This online service offers a wide range of information on where to stay, dining out, scenic views, historic buildings, activities and events. We're perfectly located in the heart of Greater Sydney, minutes from Parramatta and only a short walk from Westmead railway station.
As part of these accreditations it is a requirement to ensure that all staff and equipment are at a high standard at all times, this is managed by the companies own staff internally.
Our fleet consists of over 150 vehicles including Prime Movers, body trucks, tilt tray and various trailer types. These include drop deck trailers fitted with hydraulic ramps and wideners, open trailers with container pins and taut liners with mezzanine floors. We operate a closely monitored internal program maintaining drivers annual medical records and training, scheduling, rostering and all record keeping. It is our belief that in this way the entire NVC team can provide the best possible service and care for you.
You will also be able to use your E-way tag to access the Lane Cove Tunnel when it opens later this year. Please note that this link will take you away from the Council website and onto the Tourism NSW website. They have built a strong team of more than 120 staff and operate a fleet of over 150 vehicles. All vehicles and equipment are on a rigorous service and maintenance schedule this being part of the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS). Land Transport prides itself with our safety record and uses all recommended and accredited forms of load restraints. We are accredited with Truck Safe to ensure that our management of our driverA?s health and training plus our vehicles are achieving or exceeding the industry standards.

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