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The simplistic spam campaign that hit around Christmas and purported to be a holiday greeting from the White House not only included a piece of Zeus-related malware that searches hard drives for documents and uploads them to a remote server, but also appears to be connected to a similar attack from early 2010 that exposed a nascent botnet. The holiday e-card scam is a typical year-end spam tactic and often will include malware of one type or another. Want the most interesting Technology and Hacking News delivered automatically to your inbox?

But the latest incarnation was different in that it included a malicious executable related to the Zeus botnet and it seems that officials in a number of government agencies in the U.S. One of the executables being used in the e-card attack is nearly identical to a file that was used in a similar attack in February 2010 that was detailed by security firm NetWitness at the time.In the frst stage of the latest attack, the user clicks on a link in the malicious e-card and a process started that downloaded a variant of the ever-popular Zeus bot.
That bot's purpose in life is much like any other's: to steal information related to online banking, payment sites, eBay and other valuable sites.

The second stage of this attack downloads an executable file called "pack.exe" that searches the HDD of the compromised PC for a number of common file types, including Word documents, PDFs and Excel files.

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