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If you are using an iPhone that will need to be jailbroken, this must take place before the software is installed otherwise it will not work. Only users who are running 6.x Windows operating systems on their smart phone can use the software.
Upgrades happen often, so if you own a phone with Windows operating system that does not run the Mobile Spy software, check back for user updates.
The software is offered for Symbian devices that run OS versions all the up to 9.5 editions, including 3rd and 5th edition of Symbian S60 as well as Symbian^3.
If you wish to own a device that is compatible with the Mobile Spy software you can purchase one at a retailer who sales mobile devices. If for any reason you have questions regarding the compatibility of your phone with the Mobile Spy software contact our support time at 1-888-0475-5345 available 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm EST or engage in our Live Chat option available through the Mobile Spy web site.

Our cell phone carrier reminds staff to keep their hands clean while providing them with a convenient place to keep their phone. Verizon carriers must purchase the GPS package in order for the GPS function to work correctly.
These devices must have an internet connection available and iPhones must have a data plan in place. The Symbian device must have an internet connection available so log can be recorded to user accounts. The Smart Phone must be equipped with a data plan or the option to have internet in order for logs to be delivered to the Mobile Spy account. Healthcare inspirations is not affiliated with the Joint Commission®, which owns the Joint Commission trademark.

This is a minute price to pay when trying to get the answers you need about suspicious activity.
When asked, our opinion about purchasing a phone that will load the software easily, we recommend an Android, BlackBerry, or iPhone. Here is a guide that will ensure you have a phone that will be completely compatible with the Mobile Spy software.

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