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Wilson Electronics offers the SIGNALBOOST DB Pro cellphone signal amplifier kit, which is designed to provide enhanced cell signal coverage inside of a building.
The SIGNALBOOST kit works with all cell phones and data cards and supports CDMA, TDMA and GSM networks. With 20 times the power to the cell site of a cell phone alone, it features a built-in antenna, battery charging port and works with Cellular (800 MHz) and PCS (1900 MHz) frequencies.
It reduced several miles of no service in multiple locations to about 300yds of no service at one location.

I can now watch Youtube videos in places where I could barely get a text out before I had the Sleek. Provides enhanced cellular signal for multiple cell phones and cellular data cards simultaneously. I am thinking about purchasing a different antenna to see if I can get through the 300yds with service. The use of radio distribution equipment that enhances, extends or amplifies a wireless signal may be prohibited without the consent of the wireless carrier upon whose network such equipment will be used.

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