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Following the advances of US publisher, Peachpit Press, I’ve been officially offered a deal to author their first book about logo design. Jacqueline Ingalls asked me to redesign their wordmark, and to provide accompanying stationery (letterhead and business card design). When people ask me, “Should I advertise with Yellow Pages or on Google?” I tell them that is like asking if you want green or ice cream – they are two very different things! Yellow pages are searched for a specific something – like a doctor or dentist in your area — and you probably even know generally who or what you are looking for. You want to see their website, you want to find out about the services they offer, when they are open and how to get there. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 websites you look at as a result of a Google search results in a visit of less than 10 seconds and a a high bounce-rate. On the other hand, if you go to a website as a result of having looked the business up using the yellow pages search first, you are more likely to spend as much as 5 times longer on the site and you will go past the first page to other pages.

So the REAL question should be “Should I use Yellow Pages AND Google?”, to which the answer would be yes, definitely.
Second, the moment it is committed and you can no longer change anything, your business will change.
Third, you don’t really want your customers to spend time deciding on your “value” by looking at a static print ad.
These days that is the sole purpose of a yellow page ad is to drive people to your website where you can begin to establish a relationship that will turn Looky-Lou’s into Loyal-Lou’s.
The copy deadline is October 23rd, which is scarily close, and the book is now available for pre-order. You are likely to spend five times as long on their website if you used the yellow pages before using Google. First, there is far too much information about you that you want people to know and you can’t do that even on a full page add.

There is a high number of ads in the yellow pages that are incorrect or incomplete when the book is delivered because of some change or over-site the business owner didn’t catch before being published. You want them to go to your website where they can see your personality, look at pictures of you and the family, see themselves in your shop, and start feeling like they really know you – even before they’ve met you! Technology has made these heavy tomes of dead tree matter obsolete, but for some reason they are still being printed.
Maybe if you opt out and your friends opt out, someday the Yellow Pages will just disappear.

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