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The last time I looked through a Yellow Pages directory was probably 10 years ago and I believe I am not exaggerating. The final design was created by Canadian agency TAXI, who also did the advertising campaign. My favourite IDs always have an insight or a visual pun (in a good way.) FedEX, the classic Rand UPS logo etc. Pre-sale ticket prices for the Brand New Conference in Nashville on September 15 a€“ 16 available until early May. Brand New, is a division of UnderConsideration, displaying opinions, and focusing solely, on corporate and brand identity work.

UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work.
During those years I may have used their online version, but it was a rather obnoxious experience. But prior to Taxi being involved, Scottish designer David Airey was approached to take a stab at reviving the Walking Fingers. Gone are the open pages of the directory, to help distance the brand from a print-only model and in its place comes a pebble. I don’t mean to be flippant, but I think there is a very large disconnect between concept and product.

These days, when anything is so simply findable through Google, the moment the Yellow Pages directory gets placed on our doorstep it goes straight into the recycling bin.
In the end, the identity looks more like it belongs in the present, rather than the past but, sadly, I doubt there is a big future for this kind of directory. I am not naive enough to think that nobody uses Yellow Pages anymore, but I'm surprised it has survived over other newspapers and magazines who haven't been so lucky and I'm even more surprised that Yellow Pages keeps pushing online, where it faces stiff competition.

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