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For the last several years, the demise of the yellow pages has been repeatedly predicted, but they will never die. If you previously spent $1,000 a month on yellow pages ads, that same $1,000 spent online could yield a much greater return. If You Enjoyed This Post, Make Sure You Subscribe to My Free Newsletter to Get My Posts Delivered Straight to Your Email Inbox! What also seems obvious is that an effective content marketing strategy will almost certainly produce better results dollar for dollar than a traditional Yellow Pages advertising campaign.
Since I knew the name of the dermatology practice but knew neither their phone number nor their location, my first inclination was to Google the name of the practice and go to their website.
On their home page you are offered an introduction to the practice, contact information for each of the towns in which they are located, and helpful maps showing exactly how to get to them. It’s worth noting that the information I was able to pull up on Google was part of the local search mechanism and is provided to me and to the doctor at no charge. I will admit that the whole process took only about five minutes, but that was after I finally found were my wife had hidden the Yellow Pages.
Conclusion: it takes 60 times longer to find information in the Yellow Pages than it did with Google. If I had remembered more about the relatively complicated procedures for finding physicians in the Yellow Pages, I would’ve found my doctor faster.
Conclusion: even the online version of the Yellow Pages takes nine times longer to get the information I was searching for. Yellow Pages Efficacy Pales in Comparison to Online Search and Content Marketing Solutions. To check out what I originally wrote about the big picture trends that mean the Yellow Pages are facing an almost certain demise, click here.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles clad in the colors of their respective Hogwarts Houses: Michelangelo in Hufflepuff Yellow, Raphael in Slytherin Green, Donatello in Ravenclaw Blue and Leonardo in Gryffindor Scarlet. I recently got into a very nerdy discussion with my friends, asking what Houses of Hogwarts the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be sorted into.
Leonardo is Slytherin as it is Slytherin that values ambition and leadership “Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented.
There was a book: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, which says many of the same things, so I think at least in the West there is something to it.

These new and improved directories allow advertisers to have a bigger presence, with more information about their firm, at lower cost. Technology makes it easy to see which ad is working best, allowing you to adapt immediately instead of having to wait until next year’s print edition. A small firm that had been limited to smaller ads in print directories can, with some marketing smarts, compete with firms with a bigger budget. Since I had written so critically about the Yellow Pages in a recent post, I thought it only fair that I try a real-world experiment to test their usefulness.
My final step would be to get really frustrated (that is, if this was for real rather than as a test of the woefully inefficient print Yellow Pages).
I’ve found myself on a pointless page which required to me to select from either a list view or a phone book view. I chose the phone book view, thinking that I would find more information in that view rather than on the simple list. Oddly, I landed on another page that offered up four possible matches that use the name of the medical practice — one of which somehow involves tattooing. I clicked the hyperlink to their website, but this actually took me to a framed version of their website while keeping me inside the Yellow Pages directory. Traditionally, small service businesses had one guaranteed decent venue for advertising, the local yellow pages. As the leader of the four, Leonardo would be in Gryffindor, since Gryffindor values bravery and leadership. Besides the characters of the stories we love, you can find them in such categorizations as the Four Elements, the Four Humors, the Four Seasons and the Four Cardinal Directions.
After graduating Michigan State University in 2004, he taught Spanish in Samoa before moving to Dallas, Texas.
Smart attorneys (and other advertisers) are taking advantage of these changes by creating better web sites (and more of them), optimizing their sites to improve search engine ranking, and promoting their sites through social media. You can increase or decrease your advertising investment with a click or two and you can just as easily change your headlines and copy and offers, making the same dollars bring in even more business. And some will see a void in the market left by theĀ disappearanceĀ of their competitors and make a killing in the next frontier.
Attorneys today must understand that advertising online is just one facet of an integrated marketing plan and they must be prepared to continually acquire the knowledge and resources needed to stay competitive.

We began throttling back our ad in the main local book (the proliferating number of books is another whole story) consistently for about 4 years.
Donatello, the nerdiest Ninja Turtle, would be sorted into Ravenclaw, the Hogwarts House for smart witches and wizards.
The Native Americans view four as a sacred number, and I think there’s something to that. The Corporate States of America Poster sells for USD $30, with $5 domestic shipping and handling.
Most archetypal foursomes follow this patter: the Leader, the Genius, the Schemer, and the Fool.
Notably, Gryffindor house contributed many members to Dumbledore’s Army and the Order of the Phoenix. But, as more and more advertisers shift dollars from online to offline, the effectiveness of that advertising will decline and advertisers will shift yet again back to the Internet or to the next big thing.
We can see these stock characters in both Harry Potter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they occur over and over throughout fiction. I think there are many, many local businesses that continue to advertise in traditional print media simply out of the fear of change. It is scary, but if you do it in steps you will feel confident when you finally are down to the level of expense that the ad is really worth.
You can see in on The A-Team as well, with Hannibal as the leader, Face as the Genius, Murdoch as the Fool and Baracas as the Schemer (or in this case, the Fighter.) You also see the same archetypes in South Park, The Wizard of Oz, Sex and the City, The Hangover, and countless others. I’m amazed at how well the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fit into the Houses of Hogwarts.
For example, within Harry Potter, the characters are classified into the four archetypal Houses of Hogwarts.
But even within Gryffindor, we can see the same roles pop up amongst Harry and his friends.

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