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Headings are diverse (aprox 4500) so you can spend money in profit centers that make sense.
Like internet search, yellow pages have always played well with other media because of the nature of directional media being customer driven.  We use creative media to plant a seed, or at the very least create awareness of a brand, then when the customer has reached the purchase phase they use a directional form of media to connect with the retailer or service provider to make the purchase. This is a great article from a former yellow pages consultant that is well written and explains the reality for one yellow pages publisher. As traditional print media suffers the continued migration of advertisers to the Internet; local directory publishers scramble to stop the revenue hemorrhaging by offering pricing deals and online options to advertisers that remain. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or a consumer, you have the same problem. The interesting part of all this is that many consumers and some very tech savvy business owners have already solved the problem. If you are a business owner and you are not online with your business now, you should be looking into it immediately. Statistics are now showing that there are more people going to their computers than picking up their Yellow Page Book.

Sharpening & Manufacturing Rotary Tools For Wood Working, Carbide Tipped Tct & Hss,bandsaw Blades For Wood Cutting & Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blade. Welding Consumables, Cutting, Genset Diesel Welders & Power Generators, Fittings, Tools, Spare Parts, Cutting Machines, Building Materials, Abrasive & G.i. To keep this in perspective a thorough needs analysis must be done.  Target demographics, such as age of typical consumer, trade area, and other things must be uncovered before a solid recommendation can be made about headings, size, and monetary investment. The effort to entice newcomers is of course a priority as many long relationships turn elsewhere. Let’s take a look at the years in which the effects of Internet use has likely had the greatest impact.
Most people will do an online search for products and product reviews before they go to make their purchase locally.
But do we need government in the market telling consumers and business owners how many Yellow Page books they can have?
The consumer is only going to keep so many Yellow Page books and a business can only afford to advertise in a few.

Just think if you could be the business that answers their questions, gives them product reviews, and the business where they go to buy what they want. Of course you will find many online Yellow Pages to help you find anything from A to Z in your area also.
Yellow Page advertising is getting very expensive, and putting an ad in all of the books is impossible.
So you can bet in the near future you will see many of the Yellow Page books going out of business as business owners go more and more online to attract customers.

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