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Make use of the information on this page if you want to use Google to find a name by phone number.
Go to Google and in the search bar, type in a statement like “find a name by phone number”. Results will show and from these results, I’m sure you would get a list of  sites to use in searching for the person with that particular  number. Apart from making use of people finder sites like those ive just given above, you can make Google your finder tool. Basicaly all the results will have the name of the person together with the sites with information on that phone number and name. So you can choose to use either one of the above ways to use Google to find a name by phone number.
From most sites where you search on names by phone numbers, you search only with the number and from the results you get a lot of particulars on the person, including his full name.

Its very possible to search for people’s names by phone number for free online and google has lots of people search places that offer free search services.
Google can be a people search place on its own as you can just type in the number in the search bar to find the name without having to refer to people search sites online. After searching for a person’s name with a phone number, you might find that you don’t get enough information on him but the name is included.
This is a place you can refer to in searching for a person’s name and other details through using his phone number. To search on someone’s name from this place, all you would have to do is type in the phone number in the appropriate field and click on the “LOOKUP PHONE NUMBER”.
Apart from using Google to search on people’s names, you can use it to find out on other things like the weather and times of many different places. If you directly use google to find a name by phone number, you will just have to type in the phone number in the search bar and the results which would be that of the owner of the number.

If you follow each link you will be referred  to the information of the person you are searching  for and the full name will be found from those links and results. In such a case, you would then have to use the name to make an advanced search on him from probably the same search site or from another people search place. After doing all this, you will have to wait for the results which also come with the name of the person.

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