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Wordpress, Adobe Contribute & SCL CMS websites - fully updatable by you or your staff from any computer with an internet connection. Max has full control of all content and can add, edit and remove pages as and when neccessary.
This site allows Max Burt the founder of Diversability to update a daily blog whilst he peddals his way around the UK on his annual campaign to highlight his cause. A content management solution for re-ply designs, a company that specialise in designing eco furniture using recycled ply wood.
Re-ply wanted a website that was a totally bespoke design and also wanted the option to update the website themselves using a content managment system. We designed a fresh and contemporary website for them offering a solution that allowed them to update the site as and when required, we provided full training in how to update pages, add and remove content and how to add new pages as and when required. The site allows staff at Yum Yum Sweets to add or remove products, amend prices, stock levels and shipping along with full control over the content of all pages.
If you're in Bristol, Portishead, Bath, Weston Super Mare or any of the surrounding areas, and you want to throw a party that your guests will be sure to love, then you're sure to appreciate our bouncy castle hire services.
We have a huge range of inflatables available for hire throughout a huge part of the South West. Our bouncy castle hire services are ideal for events all over Bristol, Weston Super Mare and the South West of England - from community fetes and garden parties to weddings and anniversaries, we are suitable for all kinds of occasions! The Greater Fishponds area offers access to a range of walking routes in to various parts of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. If you would like to learn survival skills, learn about local history and attend organised walks then join Steve England on the Stoke Park Estate facebook group.
The Bristol and Bath Railway Path offers an array of walking routes connecting with South Gloucestershire's beautiful countryside and the wild and historic Rodway Common in Mangotsfield and the vibrant and well managed Page Park in Staple Hill. Wickham Glen between Eastville Park and Snuff Mills in the Forest of Avon, Greater Fishponds Section. Possibly the best walk in Greater Fishponds for views and history together and one of the nicest walks of its kind in Bristol is the Stoke Park Estate Ridge and Stapleton Village walk with options to join the Frome Valley at various points along the route and explore more of these beautiful, scenic and historic estates. The most picturesque walks on Stoke Park Estate in terms of views are these low level and high level walks.
The High level walk takes you on a journey with steep and rugged ground with some of Bristol most wonderful urban views and brings you out close to The Merchant Arms pub. Walking through Stoke Park Estate open space from Stapleton after connecting via the Frome Valley at Snuff Mills or Wickham Glen, take the left path and walk in to this wonderful open countryside where there is often birds of prey, then enjoy the lake area before walking up the steep Hill towards Barn Wood, at the top of the hill with the memorial behind you, walk in to the woods and go strait then keep walking and you will pass houses on your right. On their 5th Birthday in 2010 The group returned to Fishponds after a wonderful morning in the Frome Valley for food and drinks.
Routes in the Hillfields Ward section of Fishponds, fairly flat except for the Cossham route.

Walk across the bridge, turn right and walk up the hill until you reach the top, then turn left on to Frenchay Common and before you should be St John the Baptist Church and set back again is The White Lion pub for some refreshments. Now you can either walk back the same way or come out on to Frenchay Park Road, take a left and walk until Frome Valley Road on your left.
Walks in Oldbury Court Estate area and using local roads to connect with the estate in parts.
In the Frome Vale Ward of Greater Fishponds we have the wonderful Oldbury Court Estate which offers so many walking options. A nice place to start and finish is at the White Lion Pub on Frenchay Common; close to here the Frome Valley quickly becomes a National Trust route talking serious walkers to Winterbourne and beyond along this beautiful trail.
The dragons on this 18th century snuff bottle are carved in a style found on objects from ancient China. Energy installs is a solar installation company based in the south west of England, then supply the very best solar installation for your home or business with some of the best installers in the south west. The site also contains a built in blog allowing Max to write articles and publish them to his website quickly and simply. It allows information and images to be uploaded and displayed on the website as often as required. They can now run an online version of their high st shop from any computer with an internet connection. We set up a content management system allowing them to update the site as and when is required. We also have plenty of additional party equipment, including giant games and soft play items. Explore our amazing and historic green spaces and relax in our many cafes, pubs and shops..
However the path is equally designed for cyclists as well so please be careful and considerate.
The low level walk in yellow on the map below runs alongside the M32, across the new path which connects Duchess Gate with Dower House and continue up the hill but sticks to the old Brandon Trust path. When you reach a path leading to the main road, look for the public footpath on across the road which heads strait to UWE. From the top of Hillfields Park, walk through the park to Beechen Drive, at the bottom turn left and walk to Forest Road.
Walk in to the park and when you arrive close to the children's play area there is a path on your right, crossing the fields, take this path and stay on this route, walk through the woodlands, passing the small cliffs on a small decline until the end where you will arrive at our 17th Century, Frenchay Bridge. This is a beautiful walking area and with all local parkland connecting in to Eastville Park and Stoke Park Estate as well as on to the Bristol & Bath Railway Path. This section of the Frome Valley which connects with Snuff Mills area at Wickham Glen quickly take us back in to an open space along the riverside.

When the bottle was made, studying ancient objects was a fashionable hobby for educated people in the Chinese court. Our head office is in Bristol, so if you are local and want a free quote, please contact us.
Using the railway path you can connect to other paths and reach the countryside in less than 20 minutes from Fishponds and Staple Hill Shopping areas. You'll quickly find yourself at Brandon Trust bridge over the M32 which isn't accessible to Stapleton Village (private access and kept locked) but from here there are steps leading you to a nature trail style path. When you can take a right along this path and in to the campus, take this option and if you are thirsty at this point, just ask someone how to get to the UWE Shop or the student union cafe or bar with a nice outside seating area.
At the end is a public footpath where you'll walk down in to the Frome Valley, cross the foot bridge and go straight up at the other side. Within minutes reaching Colston Wier along this historic trail before arriving at Eastville Park Lake.
Take this path and stick to the unofficial bridleway which will be muddy in damp conditions (so wear sensible footwear). Feeling refreshed, follow the signs to UWE exit or ask someone, then when you reach the main road turn right and walk down Stoke Lane.
At the bottom use the crossing and cross the Straights Parade, then walk down Oldbury Court Road.
Walking around the lake close to the River, walk up the steps to reach Eastville Park open space then either reconnect and return or take the orange route around this wonderful park and take the blue route as well to add even more value to your walk on way back to the starting point.
Continue along, exploring and enjoying the low level views of Stapleton's historic village and you'll come out into a small meadow. At this point you can either walk through Stoke Park housing estate and take the new path through Stoke Park Estate or take the nice dirt track off Stoke Lane further down the hill (look on your right in to the tree's for a sign post with a public footpath), this will bring you out to the side of Dower House and close to the M32. You can now explore before returning to the start by walking down the hill alongside the motorway. Turn left here and go straight, across the road, through the walkway and come out onto Park Road. Now either walk along Park Road to Duchess Gate or go behind Stapleton Church and connect with Wickham Glen in Eastville Park.

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