The latest version of HelloOX has been released, and it’s easier than ever to get unsigned software working on your N97. Unfortunately, by default your N97 (or any other recent S60 phone) will not allow you to install unsigned applications. Remember, if you get confused anywhere in the tutorial, click on the screenshot above each step. Once HelloOX2 is installed, you need to enable the correct patches to allow you to run unsigned applications.
Hello, I am really interested in getting this program, but will I have any problems with it when I have hacked my phone and does the warranty on the phone expirer because Ive hacked it?
I think i am big time screwed, the cert and key file are in my possession, but it doesnt work, im doing everything according this tut. Not sure about screwed, but you should be able to remove the IMEI of the phone you added to your account and resubmit it once (I think).
When installing HelloOx to phone, when it is at the installing root cert stage, how long does this take as mine seems to be taking quite a while? The day of the long dial has arrived — the new 380 area code is about to join the long-standing 614 area code in central Ohio.

By registering and filling out some forms (directions below), you can get your cert within a couple of days. You should see a message pop up, wait a few seconds for it to redirect you to the forum page.
Easy to follow (although the OPDA site has changed abit in appereance since the creating of this tutorial it wasn’t hard to figure it out).
I googled and download the HelloOX2, but found it really complicated to follow it, there are 16 steps! Most freeware is unsigned, mainly due to the costs involved (around ~$525 for the bare minimum of one signing, with extra $$$ or euroseuroseuros for additional signing). Click on the English button (top right corner) to see what that important-looking green box says. Make sure you put the correct model and IMEI as this is critical to generating a valid certificate for your phone. However, the freedom to install any application means that you may accidentally install a malicious application, so you’ll have to use some vigilance when installing stuff. Reread that part, you need to put in a random 11-digit number that starts with 13, 15 or 18!

So finally i gave up, with the hope that Nokia will provdes another mobile phone that comes with more support for the third party app. With the included ROMPatcher utility, you can also apply unofficial patches to the firmware to fix bugs, modify current functionality, or adding new features. Note that the HelloOX2 site claims that you can get a signed version of the app by donating $5. This may or may not be preferable, as it does avoid the steps (and the waiting) found here. Modo is a freeware File Manager that you may want to use instead of Nokia’s crappy stock one. The following two boxes are your password and your password confirmation (enter your password twice). You can ignore that last checkbox – it shows you some advanced user options that are completely and utterly useless in this tutorial.

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