A phone number can be traced back to its location and address if equipped with proper information sources, thanks to technology and internet getting a address from a phone number is a matter of seconds, there exist many paid phone to address retrieval services but today I will be sharing services offering reverse phone lookup for free. If you are searching a USA phone number, 411 would be the best option to get complete address information retrieval using the phone number, in addition to free reverse phone lookup, 411 also offers People Search, Yellow Pages and reverse address lookup services without any cost. However, if you are looking for an international phone reverse lookup, you wont be able to get the address information but you can get the geographical location of the phone number.
International Numbering Plans is one such free service offering accurate phone to location and network information retrieval for landline and mobile phones across the globe. TP2Location is another such free service letting users reverse lookup any Telephone Number to its geographical location.

Placed our work number in and it located the geographical location but the map placed us at the other end of the country. If you want to get the detailed information about any phone number, you can use reverse phone lookup services that helps tracking the exact location.
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