If you don’t know what the heck I"m talking about, you are probably older than 30, and thinking, WTF?
So, as a parent, you need to learn your texting language, and as a future correspondent with the next generation (whether via email, IM, SMS, etc) you may want to brush up on it anyway.
Yeah, it seems to be the dumbing down of our youth, but you’ve got to put it in perspective.
Over the last dozen years, Paul has worked “hands-on” in an IT Operations role deploying and supporting a multitude of technologies, such as Network Infrastructure, Windows and Linux servers, most Microsoft Back Office & Infrastructure applications, Virtual Computing, Mobile Computing and Information Security.

I’m not sad to say that my understanding of the text messaging language is severely limited. In brief, texting (not to be confused with sexting, which, as a parent, you should also be familiar. Call me old school, but I try to maintain grammatical and spelling integrity in all my written communications. See this news article here if you think this too is unimportant) is the usage of abbreviations and shortened slang in order to convey a short mobile phone (SMS) message, or IM (and sometimes email) on the computer.

However, I do find the opportunity to use the occasional ROTFLMAO, or LOL  in various online conversations.

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