Missionary Glen Chapman describes living in Congo and helping the Congolese better their quality of life by sawing their own lumber with Wood-Mizer sawmills, in spite of years of war, disease, and starvation. Who is Hydraform?Hydraform has dedicated its more than 25 years of experience in alternative building technologies to developing the Hydraform interlocking building system. LUCRATIVE BOTTLED WATER BUSINESS MADE EASY■ Everything you need for going into bottled water business, for investment less than household furniture. So you want to produce your own news features, drama, music video or film with a low start up cost. Through continuous research and development with leading institutions, Hydraform developed an interlocking building block eliminating the use of mortar in 70% of the building structure with no need for concrete or steel columns.
AB Car Panels and Bodyshop Solutions are Africa's fastest growing importer and leading wholesale distributor of automotive body panels, lighting, radiators, air-conditioning condensers, door mirrors, suspension arms and electric window regulators.
We wanted our businesses to have a simple structure, scalable as they grew profitable and above all self sufficient with minimum or no borrowing. Also suitable for in-house production of bottled drinking water for hotels, restaurants, businesses, offices, grocery stores and large restaurants. We provide all your car needs at short notice in one delivery,build workshops and bodyshops, and offer workshop training programmes. So capable, it saws logs of any diameter - up to 60 feet (18.3 metres) in length - hardwood or softwood.
This leads to ongoing job opportunities for previously unskilled men and women.Skills DevelopmentDuring our training programs, Hydraform trains the local community members on a variety of skills from block production to construction.
The ITC-100 comes with 4 belt packs, headsets, and tally lights — enough equipment for up to 4 camera operators. The more you let people talk you out of it, or compromise on your initial business idea, the less passionate you will become about your new business. Removes colour, odour, particulates, poisonous chemicals, disease-causing micro-organisms, and all kinds of impurities from water.

It may take longer to reach your goals but being debt-free and answering only to yourself is gratifying, and a great deal less stressful. Be prepared to operate on a shoestringFor the great majority of start ups, a small budget to start out with is just a fact of life. Don't be disheartened, a little funding and a lot of work can still make your business dream a reality.3. The contract vegetable or fruit grower in the rural area who suddenly has surplus produce on their hands, because of an unfulfilled order, need not despair. Find a mentor (or mentors)Even if an investor doesn't offer you any funding, they may still be able to offer advice. Our manual hand operated pineapple corer and  All American Model #225F Master Hand Crank Can Sealer All-American Master Can Sealers seals 150 cans per hour.
So an easy going farmer working a four hour shift five days a week can produce 3000 cans of fruit or vegetable produce a week or 12000 cans a month! Business PlanCreating a solid business plan will help you to measure how successful your business is, and could become.
Use the digital tools available to youThere are so many online opportunities available to businesses who are setting up today. Build a free website, reach out to VCs and influencers on Social Media, create a vibrant customer community who will share your product with their social network. UNSURPASSED ECONOMYThe unit runs on regular, household current and it recovers as much as 63% of feed water as purified water. You may not have the budget for expensive logos or web design, but you can create inexpensive business cards and a good company name without a lot of outlay. The bottles and supplies will cost many times more than the purified water.The unit runs on regular, household current and it recovers as much as 63% of feed water as purified water. Aim high, even if it seems unreasonably high at the time, and push yourself to achieve those goals.

Ozone is a powerful germicide, which is generated from atmospheric oxygen and then mixed with the purified water produced by the table-top water purifier, prior to bottling. Ozone leaves no taste or odor because it quickly disintegrates into oxygen, which is a tasteless, odorless, natural gas.
Keep track of your financesAs a small business it is important that you keep on top of your finances. The internal surfaces of the bottle are sprayed with detergent solution, the bottle is rinsed with raw water first, followed by purified water, and then filled with purified drinking water. Manage your cashflow by making sure your book-keeping is up to date, keep your business funds separate from your personal and last but not least, give your clients and customers convenient ways to pay so that they don't have to rely on the cash in their wallets, and you don't have to chase payments. Family-size bottles having 4-20 L capacity can be recycled tens of times, provided that they are cleaned and sanitized periodically. Recycling bottles saves costs, increases profits and also prevents environmental pollution. The mineral mix is available in powdered form, which is convenient for storage and handling. The mineral mix is dissolved in the purified water produced by the bottled water production system.
A purified water storage tank and a mixer is necessary to complete the  mineralization system. The mineralized water is then dispensed into the bottles.OPTIONS TO EXTEND USEFULNESS ApplicationMax.

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