Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Place your answers to the questions regarding the methods in in a comment at the top of the RecursiveTester class? Note for the case (if n <= 100, M(n) = M(M(n+11)) ) there is a nested recursive call. The remarkable thing about this function is that for all n such that 1 <= n <= 101 the answer is always 91!
In this question you are passed an int that represents the number of teams we want to form.
The goal of this method is to find the minimum possible difference between the team with the maximum ability and the team with the minimum ability. For example if we have the following abilities: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7] and want to form three teams the min difference possible between the team with the maximum total ability and the team with the minimum total ability is 1. CORRECTION: Initial reports that Donald Trump had cancelled a scheduled phone call with a group of pro-life leaders in Washington have turned out to be incorrect.

Add at least 3 tests for each method other than the triangle and carpet methods to
You are also passed an array of ints that represents the abilities of all of the individuals we want to assign to teams. The constraints are everyone (represented by a value in the array named abilities) must be placed on a team and every team must have at least one member.
You will need to keep track of multiple things such as which element in the abilities array you are currently considering, what the total ability score is for each team, as well as some way of ensuring each team has at least one member. Your program does not need to show what the members of each team are but in this example the minimum possible difference is created by having 2 teams with a total ability of 9 and 1 team with 10.
It also has parameters that represent the starting location of a drop of water on the map.
So in the second example if we started at the cell in row 3, column 0 (the red cell with a value of 200) then we can flow off the map. The higher the elevation, the higher the number, the lower the elevation the lower the number.

The water can't flow to any of the other cells adjacent to it, but that doesn't matter because that cell is on the border and so if start there I can flow off the map.
If the starting cell is row 3, column 1 (the blue cell with a value of 200), the water can flow off the map.
Finally the cell at row 6, column 1 (the green cell with a value of 200) can't flow off the map. When thinking about the problem it may help to think that off the edge of border rows and columns is an infinitely deep canyon.
So if you are on a border of the map, (row 0 , column 0, last row, or last column) then you can flow off the map.

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