Verizon Wireless has started offering a new promotion for customers who switch to their prepaid service. Verizon Wireless today introduced the LG Optimus Zone 3, a new affordable smartphone for its prepaid lineup.
Verizon Wireless has lowered the cost of some of its prepaid smartphones this holiday season. Verizon Wireless that’s only just added a new $30 prepaid smartphone plan and increased data on $60 unlimited plan is running a couple of promotions that add more data to prepaid plans. Also, the carrier has made a promotional 1 GB of bonus data offering, data that customers get when they sign in to auto pay, permanent. The latest version of the Galaxy J3 has been offered by Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, Sprint’s prepaid brands, too since the beginning of the year. Those who port their phone number from a ‘wrong network’ (another carrier) to a smartphone plan will get a $75 credit.

Verizon adds more prepaid data to $45 plan, which now comes with 2GB of data instead of previous 1GB of data.
The phone is a third in a row of Zone smartphones offered by this carrier; original Zone in June 2013 and the Zone 2 in April 2014. Prepaid mobile operators have recognized this trend, and in 2015 introduced a number of great prepaid phablets. Verizon Prepaid holiday deals offer 50 percent off of the Motorola Moto E, Samsung Galaxy J1 and the LG Transpyre. First, Verizon Prepaid gives 3 GB of data on the $45 plan, 2GB as a part of Walmart’s Double Data For Life promotion and 1GB for signing in to Auto Pay.
Verizon prepaid adds WiFi only smartphone plan that includes unlimited talk, text and WiFi data only for $30 per month.
The $60 smartphone plan has received even larger data boost; this plan now offers 5GB of data instead of previous 3GB, which is a 2 GB increase.

Verizon Prepaid LG Optimus Zone 3 is a 4G LTE smartphone with Lollipop OS that’s available from today for $69.99. The offer starts being effective today, December 15, 2015 and will last through December 27, 2015 or while supplies last.
Secondly, Verizon’s Thanksgiving promotion offers 1GB of free data this month and 1GB for the next billing cycle. So far, the carrier has offered only two smartphone plans, $45 and $60 unlimited plans with 1GB and 2.5GB of data, respectively.
Verizon Prepaid Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) is available for $109.99 and can be purchased at the carrier’s website.

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