The Samsung Gusto 2 flip phone features a 2-inch main color display (128 x 160 pixels) and a 1-inch sub display on the external shell of the phone body. Large tactile keypad with Hot Keys: Easy dialing and quick access to the most important features including dedicated speakerphone and camera buttons. Additional services include Verizon tones, media center, daily scoop, mobile email, and social network access.
Join America’s most reliable wireless network with no credit check, annual contract, hidden fees or charges.
Excellent call quality I have tried a lot of Verizon phones over the past few months and the call quality of the smart phones was so disappointing that I refused to purchase one. Click through this link and get 10% when you buy 3 or more Samsung chef collection appliances.
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Take a look at this hybrid functional resume sample for Executive Assistant in a progressive San Francisco Bay Area company. In this resume sample, Doreen (not her real name) shows her reader the range of her skills as an executive assistant. Doreen highlights her Executive Assistant work by listing her job titles as headings (similar to a chronological resume), instead of using skill sets as headings (as a typical functional resume does). In her headings and achievement statements, Doreen tells us something about where she has worked. Using the functional format gives Doreen the breathing room to list her achievements in the order of how they relate to her target job. A few days ago Gameloft released a video for their upcoming soccer game, Real Football 2013. The 5Star Responder emergency cell phone for kids has just one button that connects your child to a certified response agent who will determine your child’s location by GPS and confence in you and emergency services.
If your kids are younger and you are looking for a phone with limited capabilities there are many companies that have phones for younger kids. Features of the LG Migo include: 4 parent programmable numbers, a dedicated emergency key and it includes a battery and wall charger. This phone is actually targeted to seniors, but also works well as a starter phone for kids. If your kids are older, you will probably want a full featured phone, but want to restrict the things your kids can do with it.

T-mobile phones for kids – T-mobile also has a wide selection of phones for kids as well as many parental control features.
Sprint phones for kids – Sprint has a wide selection of phones and plans for kids and families. Mobile gaming is on the rise, and despite the gaming console manufacturers’ best efforts, it is smartphones and tablets that lead the way when it comes to it. Apple’s iOS was the first operating system to receive a slew of very impressive games, but Android followed suit soon after and today, it’s the leading OS for those who want to play games on the go.
Android is a perfect gaming platform: you really don’t need to buy a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS to experience the best mobile gaming possible – just having your smartphone is more than enough. Apple, of course, sells only iPhones, but accounts for about 11 percent of retail phone sales, according to a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Because they work with all the major operating systems and carriers and the big phone brands, Best Buy has emerged as one of the few places to really see it all.
Just as the atom bomb was the weapon that was supposed to render war obsolete, the Internet seems like capitalism’s ultimate feat of self-destructive genius, an economic doomsday device rendering it impossible for anyone to ever make a profit off anything again.
A large keypad makes dialing a breeze and dedicated hotkeys provide one touch access to the features you enjoy. The larger contoured keypad, shortcut keys, and multiple font sizes make the Gusto 2 easy to navigate for all users. Sign in or create a new Backup Assistant account from the Setup Wizard and download all of your existing contacts from your old phone. Import and Export Contacts: Now you can import contacts directly to your online address book and sync with your phone.
There is a 1,000 mAH battery that allows up to 7 hours of usage time and up to 350 hours (14.5 days) in standby mode. It uses the functional format in a clever way that makes it almost look like a chronological format.
This resume format also downplays her most recent job as a legal secretary, a field she wants to move out of.
Since the jobs are not alike, this shows the reader that Doreen has the skills she needs to adapt to diverse job settings.
In this way, she avoids having to talk about the most recent job first (one she doesn’t want to repeat), and highlights her desire to make a career change back to her prior type of work.
Even though we don’t suggest using a functional format, there are things to learn from this one.
The video included a bit of gameplay footage with small interviews with some of the development staff. More expensive phones offer a camera function, a video and music player, access to an apps market, and more.
The  Just5 cell phone for kids has big buttons, a large keypad, and a bright monochrome screen, making it a great phone for anyone seeking an easy to use phone. Which makes sense – no matter how you look at it, it’s much easier to have one device for everything (i.e.
GTA is one of the most recognized acronyms in the gaming world, with GTA 3 having sprawled a whole generation of open world games that went on to sell millions of copies (GTA 4 also has one of the best game stories in any game).
We all know the movie – and if you still haven’t watched it, suffice to say that it’s one of the most influential movies of this year and maybe of the decade. Max Payne was one of the best games of the last decade – it had awesome graphics for its time, an intriguing story line, interesting characters and advanced controls, which is everything you needed for the best PC gaming experience. Despite not being a 3D game, Draw Race 2 is still an awesome looking game with a unique idea, great physics and easy touch controls.

Best Buy, which sells phones from all major carriers and all the big operating systems, accounts for 13 percent of sales.
Both Verizon and AT&T have been working on plans designed to make their stores even more of a destination. Sales of the iPhone at Best Buy account for 13 percent, while Sprint, Amazon and the mass retailers each account for five percent. Dynamic Voice Enhancement and Bluetooth technology help you express yourself clearly no matter where you go. If you’re having that problem, think about hiring a resume pro on the The Damn Good Resume Team. Parents can set spending and time limits and control a child’s address book by blocking certain numbers and can find their kids using the phone’s GPS locator.
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of GTA 3, Rockstar Games has released the game for Android devices – a milestone for mobile gaming. The accompanying Android game isn’t anywhere as dramatic, but it’s still a very good play, especially for a game made mostly for marketing purposes. The game has now been released for Android, as well, and it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the desktop game, which is a good thing in this case.
You basically have a from-above view of the race track and control your car by directing it with your finger across the display – this makes for a very unique and engaging gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours. Heat has everything that made the previous installments great, as well as a few new additions when it comes to the graphics, sounds, gameplay physics and in-game content. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources. One of our professional resume writers can do the work for you — using out collaborative approach that keeps you in the loop. In addition to the video, you can see a nice set of screenshots above that you can click on to expand. But that would not be possible without some great games that can rival the dedicated consoles, of course. GTA 3 for Android has everything you’d expect from the game: a large open world, lots of vehicles and weapons, enough missions to last hours, high quality graphics and more.
The game story, graphics, sound are all great, and the touch controls are easy to use, making it perfect for smartphones and tablets. Carry-Over Minutes: Refill your account before it expires and your existing account balance will be carried forward. It has way better call Quality, sound, etc…Surprisingly it uses the exact same battery as the Original Gusto. We’re one of the few resume writing services that uses this method so your resume sounds like you — the BEST professional you! When my wife calls our land line with the Gusto 2, I cannot tell that she is on a cell phone. Verizon Wireless Minute Meter: Keeps you connected by telling you when to refill your minutes.

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