The second generation Moto X is currently offered at a discounted price on Motorolaa€™s website.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced a new promotion that offers discounted 4G and LTE phones to all customers, including those who switch to their service.
Sprint MVNO RingPlus is running a new promotion, Legends 2, which offers couple of free plans for new subscribers or new lines of service. T-Mobilea€™s prepaid brand MetroPCS today announced new promotion for Sprint customers who switch to their service. New Cricket Switcher Promotion Gives Discounts On Moto E, Desire 520, Lumia 640 and Overture 2 Until Jan.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless is starting a new year with new promotion for customers who port their phone number from another carrier to Cricketa€™s service. Sprinta€™s prepaid brand Virgin Mobile currently offers Applea€™s iPhone 5S at half a cost. Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is currently running a limited time Year End Sale promotion for customers who bring their own phone.

TextNow Wireless, a cloud-based provider that relies on Sprint network for cellular service, is offering free and discounted smartphones this holiday season. Sprint prepaid brand Virgin Mobile currently runs holiday promotion in which it offers 20% off of select Android smartphones.
RingPlus Legends 2 promotion is available since yesterday, January 20 at 4pm local regional times until Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 4pm local regional timesA (4pm EST, 4pm CST, 4pm MST, and 4pm PST).
MetroPCS starts Switching From Sprint promotion tomorrow, on January 21, 2016 and offers it to current Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers. New Cricket switcher promotion offers discounts on Motorola Moto E, HTC Desire 520, Microsoft Lumia 640 and ZTE Overture 2. This time, RingPlus runs CNET promotion for CES 2016 in which it offers free plans, data paid plan and free port-ins.
FreedomPop BYOD promotion offers free unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1GB of LTE data each month. This TextNow holiday sale is good since December 16, 2015 and it will end on January 1, 2016 at 12:00am EST so those interested still have time left to act.

Those who switch from eligible carriers will get up to 50% discount on Sprinta€™s Family Share Pack pricing and a free 4G LTE smartphone.
The promo is good from January 6 through January 9, 2016 until 12 Noon local regional time. TextNow offers refurbished LG Tribute and LG Realm for free while brand new ones cost $9.99 each. The promo is intended for readers of CNETa€™s The Cheapskate by Rick Broida so signing up to one of the free plans requires sharing this article via social media.
Also, during this promotional period, phone activation that otherwise is charged $20, is free.

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