If you are a prospective buyer of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that Apple introduced at its product event on Tuesday afternoon, then perhaps you are wondering which carrier in the United States provides the best coverage. It can be a challenging and confusing task to know which carriers provide the best coverage in the United States, especially since each uses conflicting claims that almost border on misleading advertising. Verizon is the largest carrier in the United States in terms of subscribers, and its network is certainly ready to live up to the capacity. Verizon’s network covers a claimed 97% of Americans, based on the latest statistics available. If you consider paying higher prices for trusted and reliable wireless service acceptable, then you should definitely consider Verizon for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
If you choose to look past Verizon, then AT&T is your next best bet for network coverage and reliability nationwide. AT&T also claims to have the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the United States. AT&T claims to have less than a 1% rate of dropped calls nationwide, based on an independent third-party drive test performed last year. Sprint is unlike its competitors in the sense that it does not promote its network as being the fastest or most reliable. At the same time, it should be noted that Sprint is putting a lot of effort into improving their network from coast to coast. Sprint employs technologies that are committed to keeping you connected, including 8T8R radios that boost its 2.5 GHz signal and Wi-Fi calling, which allows customers to make domestic and international calls over a wireless connection.
Ultimately, while you might not have coverage everywhere, especially in the central and northwest states, you are also paying a lot less for most Sprint plans compared to the big two in AT&T and Verizon. I recently spent one month in New York City and used T-Mobile as my carrier of choice during my stay in the United States’ most densely populated metropolitan area.
Just like with Sprint, T-Mobile is doing whatever it can to make necessary improvements to its network coverage. You’re also going not going to have to offer an arm and a leg for wireless service on T-Mobile, as the carrier offers affordable plans such as unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $80 per month. If you are a city dweller on a budget, with intentions to purchase the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, then be sure to give T-Mobile a serious look.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Anybody use straight talk wireless?, I have just bought an unlocked gsm phone (sony xperia z3 compact) and so i will be leaving my current wireless carrier are quite a few prepaid options out there. The best and worst phone carriers - For most people, picking a wireless carrier is ultimately a better choice than a discount carrier, thanks to more flexible plans, better phone selection and more extensive customer service. How to find the best prepaid plan and ditch your contract for good - It used to be that signing a two-year contract with a major carrier was the only way you could score the newest phones and the best your favorite prepaid carriers were, and you had a few suggestions: as you can see, finding a prepaid wireless carrier. Best prepaid cell phone plans - We evaluated the prepaid plans offered by more than a dozen wireless carriers, including tracfone, consumer cellular, verizon and at&t’s gophone, to find the best prepaid plans out there.
Best prepaid wireless options for your nexus 5 - Before we get into your options, it’s probably best to give you a little explanation of what prepaid is.
ANDROIDTODAY – It started with emojis, then images but starting today, you should start seeing stickers being used in lieu of actual words in the comments section on Facebook. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Best cell phone carriers are the main important things to get the perfect and effective service for your cell phone. If you are searching for reliable service carriers to use domestically, you have to try Verizon Wireless. With 2 years contract, separate pricing phone from phone service, adding more perfect plans, and cutting the international roaming cost, T-Mobile deserves to be the one of the best cell phone carriers that you might want to choose. AT&T has lit up 4G LTE broadband of its extensive network and customers who bring their own cell phone will get the discounts. Best New 2012 Free and Paid Cell Phones, Deals and Plans Prepaid Cellular Mobile Phone Service with No Annual Contract and Unlimited Monthly Plans-Bundles Priced at $45 per Month from Straight Talk! When it comes to superior prepaid cell phones and prepaid cellular customer service, no carrier can match Straight Talk and their outstanding customer service!
All  About Straight Talk Prepaid Phone Plans Samsung Galaxy S2 Windows Android Google Smart Phones Wireless Cellular Pay As You Go Verizon AT&T Simple Mobile Boost and Great Smart Phones with prepaid Plans from Nokia!
Straight Talk prepaid, pay as you go, no contract, cellular phone and wireless mobile phones, carried by Straight Talk, only at Walmart for retail and Walmart only carries a couple of the Straight Talk prepaid cell phones. With all the major cell phone providers offering their own prepaid wireless plans, which one should you choose to go with?
You’ve seen lots of marketing from lots of companies, how can you be sure what’s right for you and which one is really the best deal?
Are you currently locked into a long smartphone contract, and looking for something better when your contract ends?
If you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and wishing you could buy it without a contract, you’re in luck.
For a lot of people that are dipping their toes into the prepaid cell phone market for the first time, Cricket is the first name that pops into mind in terms of telecoms that provide prepaid wireless service.
Prepaid cell phone service is becoming a more affordable alternative to contract plans, as many major cell phone carriers, such as AT&T® and Verizon®, offer comparable plans without the hassle of a two-year contract.
With so many choices out there, though, it can be hard to choose the best plan that’s right for you. Step into the fold: Simple Mobile, a small but powerful prepaid wireless carrier that operates on T-Mobile’s brand networks, yet beats it in every way possible. When you are trying to get the most money for your cell phone, local sales are usually a bad idea. Local selling has its own set of pros and cons, but location also plays a big part in the amount you will receive for your phone. The next major factor in selling your cell phone for a good price, is going to be the age and condition of it. A smartphone that is more than two generations behind is worth little in a competitive local market, you may still find buyers online, but older phones won’t garner as much interest locally. Craigslist is a simple way to post, however you have to contend with flaky buyers and people that want to haggle. It is great to make a few bucks selling an unwanted device, it is even better to know where and when the best times to sell may be. Money Saving Tip: An incredibly effective way to save more is to reduce your mobile phone cost.
Note: Before you switch carriers, Techlicious recommends you do your research to find out which has the best cell reception in your area. Bumping your data allotment up to at least 1GB per month gets incredibly expensive, at least on Verizon. If you’re willing to venture beyond the more familiar names, you can find an even better deal. Feature phones are quickly disappearing from the marketplace, with some carriers discontinuing them entirely. Of the carriers we surveyed, MetroPCS has the absolute cheapest 4-line plan that includes feature phones.
If you want a major carrier, AT&T has a 4-line plan for $130 that offers a 2GB shared data pool for the smartphones.
Of the major carriers, T-Mobile offers the most compelling deals for families: Four smartphones, each with 1GB of high-speed data, can be had for just $100 per month.

If you need to use your phone as a hotspot, AT&T's newest family deal offers a 10GB pool of data shared amongst 4 smartphones for $160 per month. I’m paying $35 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited text and data - using a 2 year old HTC EVO 3D.
And while they don’t subsidize your phone purchase, that is *more* than made up for by the fact that you can buy any random Sprint-branded phone off ebay or whatever, and convert that phone to a Ting phone in just a few minutes. You can go over 5GB, but you will be throttled down after 5GB if you exceed it too many times.
T-mobile family plan everyone should go for, they offer great coverage and also cheaper since you bring more family member to the plan, your friends can participate to your plan as family. I am a UK resident and found that the cost of cell phone plan in the US is very expensive compared with prices in the UK.
I always connect to WiFi network if available, especially if you are at home, that will keep my smartphone data usage down. For instance, all of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile each claim that they have the fastest or most reliable 4G LTE network in the United States. The decision to choose one carrier or another will relate to where you live, what your data consumption is like and other factors.
We strived to use the most up-to-date information available, but it is important to understand that carriers are rapidly expanding their networks as we speak.
Verizon claims to provide the best coverage in the United States, and has the only 100% 4G LTE network nationwide. The network provides two times the LTE coverage of any other network, according to the carrier, with a very saturated network presence in the northeast, midwest and east coast in general. The CDMA network’s extensive coverage delivers high-speed data to everyone from city dwellers to those living in smaller, rural towns — perfect for those traveling, too.
Verizon’s planned VoLTE, or Voice Over LTE, rollout will see CDMA discontinued and allow for unlocked LTE smartphones in the near future. The GSM network also has less traffic than Verizon, potentially leading to faster speeds, with VoLTE support rolling out and support for simultaneous voice and data. The network decreases in scale when you start heading out west, particularly in less-populated areas of Montana, Oregon and Nevada. But when you travel out to more rural areas in the United States, don’t expect to be getting a full five bars — or any, for that matter. The carrier claims to have enhanced its nationwide 3G and 4G LTE networks, leading to fewer dropped calls, stronger indoor signals and quicker access to email and streaming music and video.
The CDMA network also supports HD Voice for providing next-generation call quality and clarity.
If you’re a prospective iPhone 6 user looking to save a few dollars, than it is a decision you will have to make. While the carrier has been pushing to reinvent the industry by removing annual service contracts, introducing affordable prepaid plans, ushering in a monthly installment program, supporting Wi-Fi calling and more, its network is not quite yet as impressive as the competition. But when you go on a road trip through upstate and western New York, for example, I can attest from personal experience that you will quickly default to 2G service or no signal at all. T-Mobile already claims to have the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network in the United States in terms of download speeds, perhaps because it has less traffic on its network, but its coverage is still subpar compared to the big three above. T-Mobile has built its network to be data strong, with more capacity than any other major national carrier. You can also get unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of 4G LTE data through the Simple Starter plan for just $45 per month during an ongoing promotion.
The GSM network, which is being upgraded from 2G to more 4G LTE through mid 2015, covers over 230 million Americans and has 96% coverage from coast to coast. 5 unknown wireless carriers that could cut your bill in half, In fact, your entire life could change in that amount of time, but major cellphone carriers still for major the major cell phone carriers for comparison purposes.
5 unknown wireless carriers that could cut your bill in half - In fact, your entire life could change in that amount of time, but major cellphone carriers still for major the major cell phone carriers for comparison purposes. What started out as a hackathon project by Bob Baldwin and Kwame Thomison, later rolled out to mobile users, and now finally, Android and iOS. Whether you’re a fan of the massive screen or not, the Nexus 6 is going to be one of the best Android phones of the year. When you are buying one of the best cell phone carriers that suitable for you, you have to consider two things. A stingy unlocking policy that does not liberate your phone until you sign the contract is included on the pricing. You need to go online to have a huge selection of phones, free and paid, from Straight Talk wireless, mobile cell phone service. You can count on Straight Talk with the best customer service in the prepaid cell phone industry.
No more billing surpsises and get it all for just $45 per month with the BEST prepaid cell phone service in America, Straight Talk! Or perhaps you are between smartphone service providers right now, and are balking at all the companies that ask you to sign a two-year contract.
Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have both just announced on their respective Facebook pages that the new smartphone will be coming to both prepaid phone companies. It’s the bestselling smartphone on the market, and features technology which is truly cutting edge.
There’s a good reason for this, since they were one of the first providers of this kind of service on the market and shaped the category as a whole. Its parent company is TracFone; the pay-as-you-go cellular service that is featured rather prominently in retail markets. While it operates off the Nationwide Sprint PCS network, it’s quite an anomaly compared to Sprint, as well as other providers. It covers practically every part of the country, save for a few rural portions in states like Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana. Telcel America is a subset of the powerful TracFone brand that's geared strictly for Hispanic consumers living in the United States. You get better deals, period, because Simple Mobile isn’t weighed down by brand recognition.
There are pretty much just two categories to consider when thinking of any geographical disadvantages you may find when making a local sale: small towns and big cities. You can run into issues selling even the latest device if there aren’t a lot of people in the market for one. You post your listing in a style similar to Craigslist, but you aren’t limited to your area. Click here for free Verizon phone upgrade and see how much you can save on a brand new smartphone. Zact Mobile offers highly customizable, inexpensive plans if you're willing to give up unlimited calls and text.

Increase each phone’s high-speed data allotment to 3GB, and the price climbs to just $140. Prices provided by carrier, with exception of T-Mobile and Sprint, whose most recent prices were pulled from their website February 21, 2014. I intend to spend a 6 months in Florida and I am searching for a cheap plan which will not tie me down on a long-term contract but at the same time will allow me to make calls and to connect the cell phone to my laptop so that I can access the internet. Their phones were cheap, and included unlimited talk & text and 1GB of data in the first month. We recommend using this post as a reference to support your own decision on which carrier is best for you.
However, I would often times lose bars when I was inside or apartment or elsewhere indoors. It also offers unlimited data and text in over 120 countries at no extra charge, which is honestly a steal if you’re someone that travels abroad on even an occasional basis. With all the major cell phone providers offering their own prepaid wireless plans, which one should you choose to go with?.Messaging refers to the text messaging capabilities of the prepaid cell phone. It’ll certainly put up a very good fight against our current reigning champ, the LG G3. First of all, you have to pick cell phone carriers that served effective service with the lowest total cost for your usage.
The LG Optimus 2x,  the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android Powered or the Nokia E5 or E71 Smart Phone! Weighing in at just 3.95 ounces, it is incredibly lightweight, but packs some serious power with its A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor.
It offers terrific rates and nationwide coverage, but its cellular services are limited by 3G speeds. The neat thing about Straight Talk is that you only need to visit a local Walmart store to purchase and set-up a plan. Unlike its colleague, Net10 offers a broader range of services that may appeal to customers not looking to go the pay-as-you-go route. It has only two official monthly plans, both of which only cater to those seeking voice and text services.
As a result, it does suffer from steep pricing, but that’s why it’s geared mainly for individuals and families who desire high-quality, coast-to-coast wireless service.
Note that Telcel America is not the same as Telcel, which is a fully featured, independent provider that operates in Mexico. Selling your smartphone on Craigslist however doesn’t work the same way, you list the price you want for the device and you receive the exact amount you ask for with no seller fees. If you reside in a big populated tech-friendly town like Jacksonville or New York, then you have other sellers to compete with. Mid-size cities such as Portland are perfect, not a lot of sellers, good potential for buyers.
Boost Mobile, meanwhile, offers a plan with 2.5GB of data that starts at $55 monthly and drops as low as $40 after making 18 on-time payments. It’s the best family smartphone deal out there, and that's before you consider the company's offer to buy you out of your current contract. We’re one of the only ones Verizon allows to sell unlimted everything still along with Sprint.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. This carrier is more expensive than Sprint and T-Mobile, but with that money you can get the best and reliable service.
It’s like a prepaid wireless carrier combined with a wireless Internet provider in perfect harmony. You will also receive the money right away and don’t have to wait for the money to be credited to your account or worse, a check in the mail.
Prior to selling locally, check out what you can get online after fees of course, so you can get the most for your device.
There is only so much you can expect to get out of a phone that is more than two years old. You get a high profile listing on one of the most used sites for very little work on your part. Setting a reserve is a good way to ensure you get what you want for your device on this site.
Congratulations, you just saved 40 bucks, because your rate per month is based automatically on how much you actually used that month. I don’t think I will ever get any lower than Republic Wireless and with everything I need, at price points, everyone can afford. They use the Sprint network, so if you’re thinking of switchin from Sprint, Ting is totally the way to go. There are several recommendations that you have to consider, but you also have to see the other factors that might affect your needs.
Maybe Verizon is not the best carrier for every user in terms of your location, travel habits and your phone taste can make Verizon a terrible choice. The same goes if you are trying to sell online, if there are a multitude of buyers, the price is not going to be as high as you may want. We also asked them to price out a separate set of plans to make sure all smartphones get at least 1GB per month of data. T-Mobile is now the least expensive major carrier, with a $40 for 500MB of data deal currently in play.
They have Wifi only plans (great for kids) $5 a month, unlimited cell and text for $10 a month, unlimited cell, text, and 3g date for $25 a month and then unlimited 4g with everything for $40 a month.
At the end of each month, the usage from all devices on the account is totaled and placed in “buckets” based on usage of talk, text, and data (independently). I have 2 Freedompop phones with free service as backup (One always in my truck) in the event that I leave my phone at home.
However, during major product launches, wireless carriers are willing to let you trade in for a higher price.
FreedomPop offers free cell phone service, though naturally, there are a few catches involved.
The best part about it all, you can make calls over a WiFi network when cell signal isn’t the best at your house, like mine.
If you want a new T-Mobile phone simply trade in your old phone and get the newest model possible. Sprint's least expensive plan will run you $55, but that comes with a larger, 1GB data allotment.
This includes the republic refund for unused data, and my $1.75 monthly credit because I was a beta tester in their first year. You shouldn’t have an issue selling to individuals however and will probably get your asking price. Ting also offers phenomenal customer service, which is largely unheard of in the wireless industry.

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