Europe UK : Telstra has launched a new "super receptive" mobile phone which it recommends for handheld use in rural areas across Australia.
The Telstra 165 'Country Phone' is one of two new WCDMA (Next G) handsets being added to the growing 'Blue Tick' range of rural specific phones.
Telstra Product Management Group Managing Director, Ms Holly Kramer, said while the Country Phone had a focus on utility, the Nokia N95 had all the style and sophistication synonymous with one of the world's leading handset brands.
Both new handsets offer easy 1-click content and applications including access to BigPond TV, 33 channels on Mobile FOXTEL, Sensis search services plus an array of free BigPond content such as the latest news and weather reports. A  Samsung Instinct phone features Instinct boasts many advanced phone features including Visual Voicemail, allowing users to listen to messages in their order of preference and manage them with a simple tap of the screen.
The handset's bigger design incorporates a large, easy to use key pad to accommodate even the biggest of fingers and the phone is protected in rubber casing, is dust proof, shock and liquid resistant," Telstra Country Wide Group Managing Director, Mr Geoff Booth, said. The Samsung Instinct phone was first available exclusively to Sprint customers on June 19 breaking records for the initial launch of any Sprint product. Instinct became available to all customers on June 20; sales continued to be brisk with Instinct breaking Sprint's record for the first week of sales for any mobile device.

He is one of the many people in rural Zimbabwe who earn a living selling recharge vouchers and charging mobile phone batteries on solar-powered chargers.“I charge 50 cents to charge a battery for 30 minutes and a dollar for an hour. In the first few days of availability, many Instinct cell phones were purchased by existing customers upgrading their wireless device - we thank our customers for their endorsement of this phone, our Simply Everything pricing plan and our company. Sprint and Samsung are diligently working around the clock to increase inventory in all sales channels. Samsung has increased efforts to deliver new supplies of Instinct on a daily basis and manufacturing plants are operating at full capacity to keep up with the demand. Traditionally, communication to these areas has always been limited.“Job notifications can now be sent on mobile phones. The overwhelming success of the Samsung Instinct mobile phone reinforces our expectations; people want choices when looking to buy a powerful touch screen phone and the Samsung Instinct is a top contender, said Bill Ogle, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Mobile. We appreciate the support from our customers and we are committed to working with Samsung to ensure that every customer who wants an Instinct can get one.
Instinct was recently named Best in Show in the third annual Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Award competition in April at CTIA Wireless 2008.

Instinct was also honored as Most Innovative Product at CTIA Wireless 2008 by the editors of LAPTOP, a leading mobile technology magazine.
And since 2009, when Zimbabwe opted to adopt a multi-currency regime to beat hyperinflation under the Zimbabwean dollar, Chinese-made mobile phones have become easily available here. Samsung Instinct from Sprint Mobile also offers the ability to quickly share pictures, watch live TV, listen to commercial-free radio and more as Sprint's first EVDO Rev A consumer device. I’m not employed and when work is available in the city and the major towns I can be notified [by SMS subscription service],” Chauke told IPS.Mobile phones have also compensated for poor banking services in rural areas thanks to mobile banking. Now rural Zimbabweans are able to supercede the rigid rules of formal banking and make financial transactions.
The use of mobile technology has empowered many people and is regarded as a key tool in helping alleviate global poverty,” Gurira told IPS.“The adaption of mobile technology has redefined the way people communicate and the growth in mobile phone use has shaped a new way of engagement and connection.

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