T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere told reporters on Friday that his company, which has 33 million customers in the United States, is hoping to steal would-be subscribers who are eyeing an iPhone on a rival network.
Look no further than the September quarter, when nearly half a million subscribers fled T-Mobile’s network in order to get their hands on an iPhone.
Earlier this week, T-Mobile confirmed it has struck an interesting agreement where it will start selling some wireless Apple products in 2013.
The carrier plans to sell the iPhone and other smartphones in a different way, by eliminating handset subsidies by the end of the year. So, instead of paying a subsidized $199 iPhone, customers would pay for the full price of the device upfront and sign up for one of the unsubsidized Value Plans that offer significantly cheaper monthly rates for voice and, particularly, data services. In case you were wondering, T-Mobile USA offers free support to unlockers and sells Nano SIMs. The company confirmed it’s on track to launch LTE in the second half of 2013 and cover 200 million people in the US with LTE by year-end 2013.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, neither T-Mobile nor any other major carrier topped regional wireless providers in terms of customer satisfaction.

The iphone coming to tmobile is great but paying the full price is crazy not everyone can afford that upfront I think tmobile should rethink that part, if they realy wanna bring back the customers or atleast hav some customers buy the phone, they should work on that part a little more. Tracfone handsets airtime mechanism is usually locked in the firmware, and ita€™s quite difficult for an individual to unlock. Ita€™s a good idea to buy $100 of airtime if possible to receive the 15% bonus as well as extending your service for a whole year. Here are a few more plans that let you use your unlocked phone once you activate it using one of their SIM cards.
If you want to use the T-Mobile network but want a slightly different plan, then you could give PlatinumTel a try. If AT&T has better coverage in your area, they you may want to check out Red Pocket Mobile.
The Deutsche Telekom-owned telco is making no excuse for its failure to land the sough-after device earlier and, unsurprisingly, is looking to tap the popularity of the Apple smartphone to win back some of its subscribers lost to rivals AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint. Thanks to the spectrum gained through the MetroPCS merger, T-Mobile should as well be able to expand LTE service to 20?20 MHz “in many markets”.

It’s worth noting that the iPhone 5 supports the latest DC-HSPA+ technology that T-Mobile is using. You have the option to make payments on the phone, for example a $650 phone would require a $250 downpayment and 20 payments of $20. But I like the plan and I wonder if they will throttle their speed after a certain amount used. Plus you can upgrade whenever you want (I assume as long as you are done with any payments for that line).

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