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VoIP systems offer more features than regular phone systems, and they cost much less than services from a typical phone service provider.
Business VoIP systems add many options that more expensive phone systems can’t offer. Because these systems are so efficient, an business can increase productivity while decreasing costs.
Call centers and other service-based companies can increase profits by switching to a VoIP service provider. Most VoIP providers offer a flat rate for unlimited calling to anywhere in the continental U.S. Long term contracts force businesses to continue working with companies that don’t provide excellent service. With so many ways to save money with business VoIP, all the customized options these systems offer may seem like an added bonus.
Switching to a VoIP system provides huge savings while adding feature-filled options to increase efficiency in any business whether it’s a small start-up or a large corporation. Today’s business world is centered around communications, and business VoIP systems are essential elements of a functional, modern office. Session Initiation Protocol Trunking or (SIP) for short is a direct connection to an Internet telephony service provider or (ITSP).
Implementing a SIP can help to simplify telecommunications for an organization, while improving line-extensions and real-time communications. Organizations can also see a drastic increase in their productivity by expanding the number of functions to the system.
Utilizing a SIP to connect to the ITSP, allows companies to cut down on spending and save money. SIP trunking is projected to increase and grow 52% between the years 2011-2015 as a result of major savings incurred by replacing analog PRI lines and digital ones with SIP trunking.
To see if an organization is capable of receiving this service they must first make sure they meet all the requirements necessary for optimization. Once a company has met all the requirements they can configure their system for SIP trunking. Eliminate Call Forwarding Costs: Keeping in mind that conventional land lines work using a particular geographic location.
Numerous included features: This system offers Direct Inward Dial and Caller ID, or DID, as an essential feature that will not incur no additional costs.
One of the best aspects of SIP trunking is the considerable amount of savings it provides to businesses. So My011 should be a one time deal and afterwards better services such as Rebtel or Lingo Unlimited VOIP should be used. In the wake of the recent Newtown tragedy, school districts nationwide are considering ways in which they can increase their security measures. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet instead of the traditional phone line to transmit calls and messages. VoIP providers offer various features that can effectively notify faculty, students, parents, and other schools in the event of emergency, and help facilitate quick emergency response.
Schools with traditional phone services may not have the funds to afford a telephone in each classroom. VoIP paging group features let a user preprogram multiple numbers and dial one number to call them all at once.
VoIP providers offer broadcast messaging, which is an extremely useful tool in an emergency situation. In the event of an emergency at an elementary or high school, this VoIP feature could alert each student’s parent and guardian of the threat.
And on college campuses, this alert system could call or text message students and faculty members, identify the situation, and inform them of necessary cautionary measures.
School management could also use this message broadcaster to notify other schools in the district of the crisis situation. This feature is sometimes available with a traditional phone company, but it is more efficient and cost effective with a VoIP provider. Just as the broadcast messenger notifies parents of an emergency, VoIP companies feature an automatic greeting option, which can further alert parents of a problem. The automatic greeter is an effective way of announcing an early dismissal or distress situation, providing the callers with urgent information and updates.
School management can send out a silent visual warning to these devices to alert teachers of possible threats. VoIP companies can assist schools with their emergency response systems to provide a safer environment for students and facility. There many issues with there site that just stray customers away and one can know it is a scam before even signing up.
IndiaLD (which was offering 0.7 cents per min to India) started their service Callstar so that you can make free international calls from South Africa.
We have not confirmed this directly, but our customers tell us that our access numbers are included in the Telkom Closer 1 and 2 plans which offer free calling during nights and weekends.
Unlike some other South African free calling services, our numbers are not 0875 VOIP rated numbers which bill at standard and expensive VAS rates. South Africa has a large Indian community and Call Star is a great way for them to stay in touch without spending a lot of money. Our free calling destinations include India, the UK, the USA, Canada, and China along with 50 other countries. We have lots of great associations with the cold holiday season: snuggling up near the fireplace and space heater in your footy pjs, dad deep frying the turkey, and the children lighting the Christmas tree. But according to the California State Firefighters Association, however, the winter months are the most common time for house fires, which are most often linked to heaters and fireplaces, deep fryers, and oh, Christmas trees, too.
Along with house fires, the frigid winter often brings snow, ice, and wind, all of which could lead to a power outage. If you currently use either business or residential VoIP services, you probably already understand that this special kind of phone service relies on the Internet. If Dad’s deep frying turkey experiment goes awry, you may need to call the fire department. Therefore, one of the most important steps in preparing for an emergency with your VoIP system is to register your permanent address to the service provider. It’s also important to remember that VoIP E911 phone calling will only work if your location has power and Internet connection. In the event of a power outage, your home or office will lose Internet connection, and as a result, your VoIP phone will be out of service, including those E911 phones we mentioned above.
The UPS acts as a rechargeable battery and kicks in power to your system, providing anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours of power. If you anticipate being without power for a while, or if you are managing a phone system for a business, you may also want to consider a backup generator.
The holiday season is a time for experimenting with deep fried turkey, cozying up at the fireplace, and opening presents around the Christmas tree, but now it’s also the time to plan ahead for any potential disasters that may result in power loss or emergency phone calls. Regardless of whether you’re protecting your home or your business, understanding the limitations of your VoIP service and creating a disaster plan to overcome them, will ensure a quick and easy recovery this winter. The traditional methods of making a VoIP call was via applications, landlines and mobile phones. Twilio hits the top of the list because of their innovative techniques to allow any individual or business to create VoIP applications. One of the biggest headlines of 2011 was the purchase of Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 billion.
When business owners price traditional phone systems for their small business, they often experience sticker shock when adding all the components together. Some business owners try to cut corners by purchasing a residential phone system, trying to adapt it to multiple lines and physical extension ns. Any new phone system typically comes with a list of instructions that must be explained to each employee, making implementation a long-winded process.
If owners see that the phone bill is increasing steadily, they can analyze all incoming and outgoing calls to improve efficiency. Along with analysis ease, incoming calls are also efficiently routed for control and quality customer service. Similar to a cell phone, managers can set up voice mail on the VoIP system to catch all messages.
When owners need to upgrade or move a traditional phone system, it’s a nightmare to change.
The prime goal of Teliwave (Hoiio) is to introduce novel and modern methods to enable its customers to stay connected with their near and dear ones, without any hassles and without the need of any special network or tools. International call provider Localphone is helping you to celebrate Chinese New Year because customers will be able to call China free for four days.  2012 is the year of the Dragon and is a time to welcome in wealth, prosperity and longevity for the year ahead.   For those who can’t celebrate with loved ones, you’ll save money by being able to call them for free! Gizmocall service works similar like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk, Hence the above listed technical need are essential.
Verdict: Using Gizmocall is quite easy because you can start making calls from web browser itself. There are various home phone service providers out there in the United States to claim to have excellent quality and reliability. Lingo is a home phone service provider that allows customers to make local calls in the U.S. With the $21.95 per month plan you receive unlimited calls to 45 countries which includes countries such as India, UK, Japan, Brazil and much more. Phone power is another residential VoIP provider that has extensive features at minimal prices.
Even though both providers state that their plans are unlimited, this does not mean that there is no Fair Usage Policy.
In conclusion, home phone service providers are available in the United States but few of them can actually provide a reliable service. Working with a business VoIP provider offers options and services that regular phone companies can’t beat. Installation is sometimes free with VoIP, and monthly bills are much lower than businesses with traditional phone services are used to seeing. The power of digital means being able to offer a more inexpensive service, but it also means adding options that traditional phone systems can’t.
Being able to take more calls translates to more sales, more leads, and more satisfied customers. Having low cost international calls means that switching to business VoIP can immediately and permanently decrease monthly expenditures. This means combining the power of the internet with the power of a phone system that does a lot more than just make calls. With these systems, communications are always up and running, because technical support is always on standby.
When communications are so important, and money is the bottom line, it just makes sense to take advantage of everything low cost digital business VoIP services have to offer. Even the most inexpensive business VoIP systems are significantly better than old analog phone systems. If an organization is unable to interact and maintain contact with their clients, then they are likely to lose out on both existing and prospective customers. These fees can be replaced with a service that costs considerably less as there is no need to purchase anymore lines in blocks of 24 and 32. For larger businesses with multiple locations, centralized SIP trunking modules can result in a 30%-50% reduction in trunks, which will ultimately lead to a corresponding reduction in spending.
Without the use of SIP trunking an organizations internet is only capable of communicating eternally.
While their phones will require a line for PSTNs, a SIP will permit the organization to reduce the costs associated with maintaining these lines. Fortunately, for organizations there are many other areas where organizations cut costs and save money while using SIP trunking. First, make sure that the current PBX or phone module that is being used is congenial with SIP trunking. This Unified Communications Systems or business phone system is critical in the implementation of a SIP trunk.

If a SIP is purchased through a service provider, the company will most likely include configuration that is compatible with their service and border element.
In the past, when an organization would relocate, the business would have to use remote call forwarding in order to maintain their old number.
With this service organizations can receive considerable savings in comparison to some analog lines. In conclusion, these savings can come from multiple areas in their telecommunication system when using SIP. Some schools are turning to armed security guards, while others are installing video cameras and metal detectors.
With a traditional phone provider, the school needs to pay for a technician to install individual phone lines in each room, on top of the pricey costs to maintain these lines each month.
Telephones in every classroom allow teachers to call other classrooms, the front office, and 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency. Similar to an intercom system, the paging group option can broadcast a message to every telephone in the school, alerting teachers and students in their classrooms. Family members or caretakers could receive updates, and if necessary, arrive at the school to pick up their children immediately. This option allows school management to set up an automatic greeting or notification that answers all incoming calls. Much like a walkie talkie or cell phone, these handhelds provide faculty with communication access when they are not in their classrooms.
This feature is especially helpful for teachers who are wandering the halls or spending recess outside with their students during an emergency. First, there payment options are not available, many misspellings, website is not secure, website has not contact info, website links do not work! So many voip providers have started offering some of the good deals to make free VoIP calls from South Africa. Even if you are not on a Telkom Closer plan, the cost to call our access numbers is very reasonable and represents a substantial savings over direct dialing international numbers or using a calling card. The additional benefit of using a geographic number is that the call quality is much better than trying an 0875 rated number.
In the case of a house or even office fire, if you have VoIP phone service, you’ll want to ensure that your calls will go through and that you have emergencing calling access.
In case of a power outage, regardless of your type of phone service, traditional or VoIP, you could lose the ability to make and receive phone calls if you haven’t properly prepared. With a VoIP provider, your voice data travels over the Internet rather than a traditional phone.
Cheapest VoIP Calls has outlined a few tips to prepare you for maintaining phone service and 911 access to help you weather through whatever storm you may face.
However, unlike with traditional phone services, when you call 911 with your VoIP phone, a 911 agent won’t be able to automatically trace the location of your call. This address you register with your VoIP service will automatically be sent to the public safety answering point when you dial 911. Purchasing a back up power system is one way in which you can prepare for power loss and ensure temporary VoIP phone service. A UPS is basically a large battery that plugs into a power socket, and when power is lost, the system runs on battery power. This is a good way to ensure that you have power for a longer period of time in case a massive storm like Sandy hits again.
If your friends and family are calling to check in on you during the disaster, you can receive their calls on your mobile device or another phone (for example, a hotel phone if you were like many people who stayed in out-of-state hotels during Sandy). She is a Virginia native who recently moved to California, where she works as a telecom expert and writer for Cheapest VoIP Calls. This year has been innovative for all different fields of technology from tablet PCs to mobile devices. With a few lines of code you can send outbound calls via Twilio to any country in the world (per minute rate applies).
With more people understanding the power of VoIP, it is becoming an accepted technology into society.
Usually laptop or desktop computers do not have high definition cameras or LCD screens, so the experience of speaking to someone on a HDTV will be much better. With the widespread use of the Internet, owners aren’t limited to old-fashioned phone lines and long distance charges on the phone bill.
However, there are more headaches with a system that is not adapted to a business structure.
Because VoIP was designed for the business world, it has a simplistic layout that makes it easy to understand. When agreeing to the VoIP contract, the provider stipulates each call’s fee or charge, including any national or international fees. Customers aren’t greeted with a friendly voice and may even hear the phone ring repeatedly with no pickup. All customers call the main line, but are automatically routed to the next business line available to avoid a long wait. Managers don’t want to frustrate customers calling the main office with messages and voice mail, however. If an employee is truly unavailable, the system offers a simple voice mail to get them connected with the customer. The most interesting feature of Hoiio is that the customers can choose the mode of staying connected with the other users for placing international calls. There service can be used from a normal cell phone or landline, PC, or even WIFI from your Windows Mobile, iPhone, or Symbian phone.
This service is trying to take GoogleVoice by shock because the deals they offer are both the same. It might not be the best provider for everyone but they will have a feature that might help you.
The awareness of computer and Internet technology execute VoIP world and let Internet users to make a good use of it and moreover it also attract a new users towards Internet. This is a web based service so call you need is to visit the official site dial the number and start making calls in smart and easy way. It’s recommended that before making calls register yourself because unregistered user will possibly suffer from limited minutes of calls duration.
And next thing is it offers free calls for 10 minutes at each registration and 5 minutes for non-registered users. Residential VoIP service entails hardware being set up in your home instead of using, for example, your computer or your mobile.
This policy is an agreement by the customer and the business stating that an allocated amount of minutes will not be surpassed.
PhonePower and Lingo are among the services in the world and majority of United States residents use them. With solutions that are reliable, customizable, and cost-effective, business VoIP services are an asset to any organization.
VoIP providers that cater to small businesses usually don’t even charge for installation on these systems because of the simplicity of the VoIP system design. The increased efficiency can mean fewer missed calls, fewer misdirected calls, and shorter wait times for callers.
Because they believe in their services, and they know customers will be satisfied, they let the customer decide whether to renew their contract instead of forcing them to. A simple interface for transferring calls can mean being able to handle higher call volumes. These routing systems also make it easy to increase productivity by providing a way to examine calling habits, and to review incoming and outgoing calls. An internet dashboard makes it easy to make lots of system changes without the help of tech support, including adding and deleting employee numbers and even moving an entire office.
Huge savings means being able to spend more money on other parts of your business that could use a budget increase. Business VoIP systems help control costs, they offer tons of features, and they make life easier in the office. With the latest SIP technology, business communication will not only be efficient and fast but very cheap as well.
This configuration offers businesses a simpler and inexpensive way to upgrade, manage, design, and operate their services by replacing their PSTN phone line with a VoIP equivalent. While some older models many not be compatible with the system, others will only require an update to get the ball rolling.
With this service, monthly costs can be expected as well as a charge of a few cents per minute for each incoming call to that number. Overall, My011 is not a good voip service because they do not provide the cheapest VoIP calls possible. Though it may seem like a small touch, a school’s internal communications system can make a huge difference in school security, and some schools are starting to turn to VoIP services to improve their internal systems.
The Portage Daily Graphic revealed that when two schools in the Portage la Prairie School Division replaced their traditional intercom systems with a VoIP system, they saved $130,000. A school that does not have telephones in each classroom could have a delayed emergency response. With this feature, school management can also dial just one number and alert all other schools in the district of the emergency situation. Users pay a local rate to call our access numbers and then get to make a free internatioonal call to 50 countries. Because of this, if a tree knocks down a telephone wire during a storm, your VoIP phone service won’t be affected unless you rely on phone lines for Internet service. And remember, if you move or travel and you bring your VoIP service with you, you have to update your address on file, or emergency operators will trace the call to your old address. This battery power gives juice to your VoIP phone allowing you to make and receive phone calls. A relatively low-powered 300-750 watt UPS may cost between $50 and $150, while a higher powered one would appropriately cost more. As for a business, having your office calls forwarded to another business branch allows for business to continue despite the disruption. She earned her Media Arts and Design degree from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. But in terms of VoIP, old and new services have spurred up interest in taking VoIP to the next level. Their call rates are fairly expensive compared to other services but it is understandable as they are testing. With knowledge of a vast array of languages that they support such as PHP, Python, Java, C, Ruby and much more, one can create interactive applications.
The greatest part of Twilio is that they give every user $30 free credit to test their service. Their voice and video chatting application is the smoothest and most reliable on the Internet.
VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, actually uses the Internet connection to send voice data packets between callers. Calling the phone system service technician costs companies even more in labor, along with any necessary replacement parts.
Managers can work with employees to keep them motivated and off the phones for personal reasons.
When lines are completely full, managers can set the system up to take a message or simply wait on hold with a particular extension. All voice mails are password-protected, but owners can have a blanket password as a supervisor, if desired. If an employee is actively working on an email, they’ll see the notification from the customer faster than checking the voice mail.
This is a good business plan for VOIP because every person will use the cheapest service if it is available.
In addition to saving on the calls that you make, you will also be able to save drastically on the calls received by you. VoIP also brings a free and affordable calling rate; technically speaking it is not possible without using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols). There are some necessities and requirements to use this service and will be helpful if you know it well.

For the record if you are not a registered user then your call last longer to 5 minutes and if you are registered user then your free call will be for 10 minutes. Adding this extra hardware into your home will force the service providers to give you more customer support because many people are not aware of how to operate the technology.
They cover unlimited calls in the US and 45 countries globally while providing 20 calling features at $21.95 per month.
Great deals us such as the first free month are what sets mediocre services apart from top services. With this $19.95 per month deal you will also be provided with a second phone line for your home. Also keep in mind, phone power has a shipping and handling charge of $14.95 as a one-time fee to send you the adapter that will be attached to their service. There are various other competitors such as Vonage, ViaTalk and more but they have various hidden charges that are not visible to the customer.
Smart business owners understand the importance of keeping costs low and productivity high, and business VoIP helps companies do exactly that.
Being able to check voicemail through email, and being able to redirect calls to a series of phone numbers instead of just one are just of few examples of how VoIP can greatly simplify things when away from the office.
Options like customizable hold music can provide customers a pleasant experience while they wait.
Flat rates offer stable, predictable phone expenses that leaves money for other things a business needs. This is a significant savings compared to the ridiculous rates traditional phone companies charge.
For a business that already handles high call volumes, being able to organize them more easily, and look over incoming and outgoing calls can help understand where productivity could be increased. Understanding where time is being spent within an organization can help with prioritizing and troubleshooting inefficiencies. Having excellent support for their business VoIP system is just one of the things businesses love about making the switch to VoIP. A business VoIP provider offers crystal clear, cost-effective services that are filled with features and addons to make business communications easier.
SIP Trunking is ideal for companies in the process of upgrading their out-dated systems to VoIP or for business looking to simplify IT management. ITSP’s can provide considerable discounts and savings on multiple services such as line extension, long distance calling, and multimedia conferencing.
In these instances using a SIP, can eliminate this expense as it offers more features than traditional PSTNs without any extra charges. This action could make businesses spend thousands of dollars each year for call forwarding costs. This paging option could be especially important in the event of a lockdown or similar threat. In fact, we are using the same carriers as IndiaLD for our calls so you know that the quality is there. However, if this storm brings down an electrical wire, your VoIP service could be in jeopardy.
Last year we predicted that the future of VoIP in 2011 was going to see prominent increase in user base and innovation. Customers are able to make a direct call from their web browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari and their caller ID that is attached to the account is shown on the receiving end. We advise that since they are in beta testing, please be patient if any issues occur and share that knowledge either here or send a request to their support team. If you run a online retail business, then before purchases you can verify the phone number of a customer by using Twilio. With over 663 million customers worldwide, Skype’s total number of voice and video minutes totals 207 billion., Twilio and Skype are changing the world of VoIP with their increasingly innovative ideas.
Skype is coming on the scene of HD by partnering with Panasonic to provide the Skype experience on HDTV’s. Although this technology may sound intimidating and expensive, it’s actually less expensive than almost any other communication system for small businesses. Multiple extensions are supported with an effective layout that allows all calls to phone in seamlessly.
It’s a contract agreed to with the provider, essentially locking in rates for the length of the service.
For example, customers call the office and it’s automatically transferred to a cell phone after four rings.
Unlike mobile phone contracts, VoIP does not bound the customer to one provider which is perfect because you will be able to switch if you encounter any issues. The adapter that you will be given by them will be capable of handling PhonePower pricing is far less than Lingo but they do not provide international calling. This would adapter is also provided by Lingo which resembles a wireless router but only usable for calling. For Lingo the amount of minutes that cannot be surpassed totals 5000 minutes per month as well. These two providers have passed the test and have always been honest of the charges that they will put on your bill. When better service is available at a fraction of the cost, it doesn’t make sense to keep an old service provider.
Once installed, business VoIP immediately begins decreasing business costs by offering predictable rates for a flat fee.
No matter how many outgoing or incoming calls, the flat rate provides assurance and financial stability. Some companies force people to sign contracts that obligate them to use their services for two or more years, and then start raising rate during the middle of the contract, forcing people to pay far more than they bargained for. Make the change to VoIP, and start enjoying all the advantages and savings a business VoIP system has to offer. This action will help to reduce costs by combining internet and voice access over a single internet connection simply by using their existing IP-PBX system.
While the benefits of SIP trunking are, numerous many companies refrain from removing their traditional PBX units entirely as they fear losing control over their personal PBX system. The only reason they are somewhat desirable is because of the free VoIP phone calls they are giving for now. Such companies are not seen on a daily basis so that is why they have been honored by being one of the most innovative. Whatever  Skype is doing is working effectively as to catch the eyes of business giant, Microsoft. With this idea in aspiration, Skype is regarded as one of the top innovated VoIP companies in 2011. Skype has been covered before as one of the top VoIP services of this decade prior so there is no doubt that they will continue to amaze us. Panasonic coming into the scene will only provide higher definition of video calling which can only benefit users.
Depending on the system, the training instructor may become part of the company as they help everyone with the initial setup on non-VoIP systems. This PBX component handles all the incoming and outgoing calls, but can break down periodically. Ideally, each customer should have several options to catch an associate’s attention.
We hope that you will not have to switch and you can find a good provider that can help you make local and long-distance calls from your home. Lingo has been ranked highly by various reviewers around the Internet for providing sound customer support and reliability. PhonePower is regarded as a wonderful service for those who have specific needs but Lingo wins the competition because of their various features and international calling. It is advised, to monitor your minute usage because if you surpass it you will pays a hefty per minute surcharges. It is at this point when having SIP usage comes in handy, as it gives companies the ability to preserve their traditional PBX system while still running hosted VoIP simultaneously. So you have to be a US resident to use this service because they will be contacting a US number.
Individuals can create IVR menus, account verification, SMS applications, and VoIP applications. The Windows Mobile platform will most likely be integrated fully with Skype as to increasing the usage of mobile VoIP. We advise all VoIP services who would like to make a name for themselves to do something new and worthwhile. Even installation is quick with VoIP because most of the hardware is small or housed at a remote facility. Some VoIP providers offer specials with free calls or minutes to specific countries, for example. From the customer’s perspective, the office line is simply ringing rather than bouncing between locations. Adjust the automatic call numbers programmed in the system if an employee leaves or changes a number. Two such providers stand out from the rest that provide VoIP connection locally and internationally. Lingo has been in the VoIP business since 1999 and has been providing affordable packages for any type of customer. This is evident with all phone service nowadays providing unlimited calls as a means to protect themselves. The prediction for the future of mobile VoIP in 2012 is bleak but we hope to see more innovative ideas. Apart from Windows Mobile, Microsoft Live Messenger service (which is free) will be integrated as well. We do not want to see the same type of calling card businesses sprout out as they are plentiful. With concise connectivity with customers, they feel important and loyal to the product or service at-hand. If you are a small business, corporate business, or a residential customer they have services for every person with every need and every budget. Therefore, Lingo is a great alternative for only an extra $10 a month you will have unlimited calls to 45 countries worldwide. VoIP is growing at an exponential rate which has a correlation with the amount of new startups that debut.
The video below explains the power of Twilio clients and how normal people can create applications in seconds.
If a better deal comes up with a VoIP competitor, owners can price check quickly with the current contract. Because the provider wants to keep the business owner as a loyal customer, they’ll check, maintain and repair the PBX well before it can fail completely.
Employees also remain in the loop during crucial sales negotiations, staying one step ahead at all times. Owners can access this information at any time to help improve the phone system as businesses grow and expand. It is crucial to separate the best from the average and the top 5 innovated VoIP services of 2011 will be reviewed. We covered previously the future of mobile VoIP in 2012 and stated how the user base will not be as high.
Integration of Skype into Windows Mobile will be a big step and will allow them to compete with giants such as Nokia, Android and iPhone.

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