Suppose you were positive the person in question was using Sprint for their cellphone.  So you type in Sprint Reverse Cell Phone Lookup into a search engine. What you get with a quality company is a report with the name, address, service provider and even a map much of the time.
These are like online directories that specialize in searching phone numbers, tracking even unpublished numbers and unidentified cell phone numbers. Well it is best to find a reputable company that has an enormous and well-maintained database. Maybe you think someone is stalking your teenage daughter and checking some suspicious numbers would definitely help there.

Uunfortunately there are good ones and not so good ones.That is why I recommend Phone Detective, they are one of the good ones.
Once you type a number in one of the search boxes here and click search you will go to the preliminary search page.
The better services provide an initial search to see if the number is in their current list. Whatever the reason use an established company with a good reputation to search cell phone numbers. If you are being cheated on the last thing you want is a cheapo company to cheat on you too.

Amazingly some of the cheaters out there also use their cellphone for other business that gets on the web.
It would be great if there was a good free reverse cell phone number lookup service but it doesn’t look good for that at this time.

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