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At this advanced and fastest time there is no person who not need for mobile phone, because it is the most commonly used telecommunication media which connect the people around the globe.
There are more than 100 countries having more mobile phones than their total population, means a single individual has more than one mobiles and it gives the maximum profit to the mobile phone companies around the world.

In this article you will come to know about the top 10 countries with most mobile phone users in the world. The survey showed the Cell phone usage by age and following image will let you know the cell phone usage on the age of inhabitants of different countries around the world.
Ans: At Present China is the largest countries with the biggest number of cell phones in the world. Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!BIGGEST MOBILE PHONE SCREENLgmay , mobile viewing screen type . More than 60% of people is using mobile phones which clearly shows its highest usage in the world.
So its increasing number of users shows its popularity between all the countries around the world. According to a recent survey in 2013, China Owns more than 1,206,553,000 cell phones and as a result China is on the top of the list.

Its number of users are expanding at the highest speed and according to a recent survey conducted by International Telecommunication Union, it is expected that its users will cross 7.3 billion in the next coming year 2014. So it cannot be denied that Mobile phone has become the most important and widely used communication device which is in the access of every person. Following is a list of such countries which are considered the top 10 countries with most mobile phones in the world.

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