Verizon posted a PDF file this morning that contains its plans for Black Friday 2015 and the days that follow.
If you don’t want any of those phones, Verizon is also doing $100 off other phones, plus the $300 trade-in credit.
Anyone see an issue with porting a google voice number and giving them an old non verizon cell phone to get this deal? I have a Fi sim, but use enough that I don’t think that it would work out all that well. I did call and ask if current customers were eligible for the $200 discount as well and they said they were. Wow, if I can trade in my Droid 2 Global then this would work out to be an incredible deal then.

Isn’t it a great feeling, as a consumer, when a company comes calling begging for your business back? About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Like most years, Verizon has some decent deals, though many revolve around switching carriers, trading in your current phone, and then signing up for new service.
With this deal, they are slashing $200 off of smartphones, then giving you up to $300 for your trade-in. I get no greater satisfaction than every time Comcast calls me to come back and I say “I hope you guys go out of business actually.
I will never go back to your company, and never recommend you to anyone.” Consumer choices FTW!!

VZW goes out of their way to piss on their customers, but Comcast takes that to a new level. VZW has been riding their superior network for so long, but people are finally wising up to the fact that T-Mobile offers a better value in areas where T-Mobile is strong.

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