Verizon’s Black Friday ad has been posted online, giving potential device buyers the inside scoop as to which phones they may want to pick up in time for the holidays.
These following devices will be on sale during Black Friday, all needing a two year contract to score the deals. So basically, you can score one of the top OEM’s 2013 flagship devices for just $99 on contract. Verizon is also hosting a Black Friday deal on accessories, and these seem to be priced much more competitively than its smartphones. As of today (The 2 year anniversary of the Galaxy Nexus launch on Verizon) I am switching over to T-Mobile. I thought i heard something about 6gb for $30 if you trade in your unlimited plan…guess not.
I’ve seen this claim all over the place, but never seen someone provide any type of proof that it works… so does it work? Put out an ad or someone you may know, meet at VZ, person takes assumption of liability of Unlimited line, bam!
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Verizon posted a PDF file this morning that contains its plans for Black Friday 2015 and the days that follow. If you don’t want any of those phones, Verizon is also doing $100 off other phones, plus the $300 trade-in credit.
Anyone see an issue with porting a google voice number and giving them an old non verizon cell phone to get this deal?
I have a Fi sim, but use enough that I don’t think that it would work out all that well.
I did call and ask if current customers were eligible for the $200 discount as well and they said they were.
Wow, if I can trade in my Droid 2 Global then this would work out to be an incredible deal then.
Isn’t it a great feeling, as a consumer, when a company comes calling begging for your business back? No more worrying you’ll miss the bargain of a lifetime by getting an extra hour or two of sleep after gobbling down some traditional stuffed turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. Right, we wanted to lift the weight of scouring the web, foraging through stores and chaotically filtering out the actual steals from the duds off your shoulders. Forget crappy clothes, tacky jewels, overpriced TVs, unneeded home appliances, and falsely advertised discounts in general.

Speaking of commitments, you’ll want to sign up to a customary contract or payment plan, and score the amazing trio of S6 promos. Don’t neglect wearables either, with the Flex going for roughly $90 at the moment, or other prepaid phones.
This is hardly the largest superstore chain stateside, with retail locations only in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, but the above collection of discounts looks surprisingly robust. Windows, Windows, more Windows, and finally, a $100 exempted 10-inch Android with pre-installed Lollipop software, Intel Atom inside, 2GB RAM, and up to 9-hour battery life.
6 PM EST on Thanksgiving Day is when “doorbusters” go live, with the blowout due to continue all day Friday from midnight. Come on, Sears, that’s honestly the best you can do for us Android fanatics after cashing in revenues of over $8 billion last year?!
It seems decent, but when there are e-retailers such as Amazon that host countless deals that are even better than these, we think you might be able to do better somewhere else. The MOGA gaming controller can be picked for $15, a Jawbone Jambox is listed at just $99 ($50 savings), as well as Skullcandy Navigator headphones for $50. We have previously gone over which prepaid options are best if you decide to buy an unlocked device (like the Nexus 5), but there are a few people we know that are stuck in Verizon’s cycle. I just got my Verizon LG G2 free during the last sale a few weeks ago (with a coupon code as well). Got in on the double data promotion a while back (which you can keep and get contract phone upgrades), and also get an additional 20% corporate discount. I dont wanna give up my unlimited but 6gb should be enough for me between that and using WiFi. Anyone with an eligible upgrade can get Verizon Max 6gb plan for 30, or an 8gb with hotspot for 50.
Credo is also an organization that funds activism and nonprofits, especially for the environment and trying to keep congress honest and a whole lot more.
Like most years, Verizon has some decent deals, though many revolve around switching carriers, trading in your current phone, and then signing up for new service. With this deal, they are slashing $200 off of smartphones, then giving you up to $300 for your trade-in. I get no greater satisfaction than every time Comcast calls me to come back and I say “I hope you guys go out of business actually.
If you’re interested only in the hottest consumer electronics, specifically Android-powered and Android-compatible gadgets and accessories, we have you covered, with the top Black Friday 2015 deals from Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax, and now, Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Fred Meyer, Dell, Dollar General and Sears. That’s a big list of items to be marked-down, and you can’t find any of the products at lower prices right now.

As early as possible, with prepaid Galaxy S5s, for instance, likely to see their inventory depleted in no time. The original Pebble is clearly too old and rudimentary to consider, the Nabi and Polaroid tabs are better off snubbed in favor of a $50 Amazon Fire 7, yet the two A tabs and 7-inch Tab 4 seem worth the effort of finding a Fred Meyer outlet near you with those bundled gift cards. We’re immensely disappointed, and the Galaxy Tab S2’s much heftier $500 MSRP doesn’t entirely make up for the letdown.
My Lumia 928 was also free a few months ago – Verizon always has sales if you keep looking for them and use online coupons. Also Wirefly (good prices, no tax or shipping, can transfer upgrades within a family plan).
I will never go back to your company, and never recommend you to anyone.” Consumer choices FTW!! VZW goes out of their way to piss on their customers, but Comcast takes that to a new level.
No-contract doesn’t mean unlocked here, but a completely no-commitment S5 costs $340 over on Amazon.
The archaic Tab 3 Lite also doesn’t sound half bad, typically fetching $110 or so, while the cheapest Fitbit Charge still sets you back $115, i.e.
Wait, those SoundTrues are pretty attractive themselves, slashing $80 off their “market value” and $50 off their real price.
Sorry, but you’ll have to settle for a little known Maven handheld that Amazon charges $63 for. I rotate upgrades and get a new phone every year, and pass on my old one to one of the other lines.
VZW has been riding their superior network for so long, but people are finally wising up to the fact that T-Mobile offers a better value in areas where T-Mobile is strong.
You have tens of solid reasons therefore to visit a Walmart shop on November 26, and you may want to sit in line several hours ahead of the official Thanksgiving Day door opening at 6 PM.
The LG skinned version of android takes up a huge amount of space and is eating up a ton of memory. However, this will probably be the end of my contract cycle, I think in two years the standard plans will be non-contract and most retail phone prices will be in the $200-400 range.

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