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Featuring a liquid silver finish, clean lines and soft edges, the BlackBerry Curve 8300 smartphone is the smallest and lightest BlackBerry® smartphone ever to come with a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s packed with incredible features*, including a camera, BlackBerry® Maps, a media player, expandable memory, Voice Activated Dialing, tethered modem and trackball navigation. The BlackBerry Curve is designed to simplify your life — in a friendly, personal and easy-to-use package.
Please understand some old models have no new housing at present, so that we can not replace a new housing for it. With the 3.2 MP camera which can also be used as a camcorder, high definition photos and videos are available. Nokia offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, maps, media and messaging through its Ovi platform.

We will lauch an immediate investigation and try our best to beat the price if it proves to be the same product. All orders have to be paid in full before the process of shipment to your country destination. We use HackerSafe and Trustwave to protect your data, you can view our privacy policy from here. Plus you get all the core functionality you’ve come to expect in a BlackBerry smartphone — email and text messaging, instant messaging, web browser and advanced phone functionality. Both two kinds are totally unlocked and already reset to factory default settings, the language is English as default, if you need another languages, please add in "note" when you check out online, if the phone can support the languages as your request, we will flash the phone to support for free.This phone come with brand new housing,it's the same as our product photos, you can purchase online directly.

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