Join professionals from many disciplines and three continents as they share their expertise and perspectives on feeding NICU infants.
The 2014 NOMAS International Symposium - the fourth annual - will take place in San Francisco in October. There is evidence that newborns and premature infants have a good sense of smell that helps organize their behavior. Current methods of diagnosing gastroesophageal reflux in infants are invasive, cumbersome, and often lack reproducibility. The emergent skill of infant oral feeding will be described using a dynamic systems framework. Skin to Skin maternal "laid back position" with "baby-led" attachment for the facilitation of better breast feeding in the preterm infant will be explained. B.Understanding the NIDCAP Approach in the NICU and its Relationship to Successful Oral Feeding - Kathleen A. The theoretical background and core neurodevelopmental concepts necessary to understand the NIDCAP approach in the NICU will be explained.

Supportive pre-feeding and feeding strategies that provide a foundation for optimal oral feeding performance for all babies in the NICU will be outlined. The potential impact of gestational age and co-morbidities on the attainment of early oral feeding milestones in preterm neonates will be described.
Videofluoroscopic findings of laryngeal penetration will be discussed and participants will learn when it is and is not clinically significant. The Early Feeding Skills checklist will be described as a means of identifying infant adaptations to the challenge of feeding.
Normal and abnormal physiologic parameters for preterm neonates during feeding will be described. Therapeutic Media is a Provider for Continuing Education by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #CEP 13879. Continuing Education Online, CEUs for Social Workers, LMFTs, Counselors, LPCC, MFT Interns, LCSW, ASW, RN, LVN, CNA, Nursing Professionals and all other learners.
Continuing Education Units, Social Workers CEUs, Lmfts CEU, Counselors CEU, LPCC CEU, Registered Nursing CEU, Certified Nursing Assistants CEU, Licensed Vocational Nurses CEUs, CEU for Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Psychology CEU, Mft Interns CEU, LCSW CEU and ASW CEUS.

Specific individualized developmental family-centered care and behavioral strategies to stabilize and support oral feeding skills will be described.
Participants will develop an understanding of OT Pathways for both evaluation and treatment as it relates to feeding neonates in a cardiac unit. Behavioral patterns that infants adopt to protect their airway and attain sufficient breathing during feeding will be reviewed. Welcome to all Health Care and Medical Workers that make a difference in the lives of others.

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