The reason I say set up Golan is because I don’t know of any other carriers that give you a US number. After you have chosen the number, head back to Google Voice, and set up the call forwarding to your Golan international number. Google Voice can be forwarded anywhere, Since we had our numbers on Google Voice, we just forwarded our Google Voice numbers to that free US number Golan gave us and magic, our family and friends can call the same numbers we had in the US and it will ring all the way over here inĀ Israel.
Even when we took a trip to the US, I got us prepaid TMobile sim cards and just forwarded our Google Voice numbers to the T-mobile number. I believe there is a setting that will put it on Google Voice, but to be honest, I have some trouble with Voice Mail. I transported my number to google voice and then transfers it to my go lab American number. Millennials, Maturity, and Jeremy Stoppleman who got caught in the middleI Missed My Fitbit Goal.

One little note I like to add, is that regardless of what you decide to, this is probably the best and cheapest (free) way to at the very least hang on to your phone number that you have probably had for the past 7 years. I did it a month before we left and got us unlimited T-Mobile cell phone plans which I forwarded my Google Voice number to.
You will be given the option of choosing 2 International numbers that friends and family can call you on. This is really quite simple and straightforward in the Google Voice platform under settings like the top picture. I just ported my parents’ cell numbers and will set up forwarding when they get a new plan in Israel.
Then downloaded google voice app and I’m able to make calls and send texts from the Google voice app the shows my original American number. For someone who is spending a year in Israel and would like to keep their American number and not terminate their American wireless contract (it would be suspended), is it possible?

The opinions expressed here are solely mine and do not represent the views of any companies I may be associated with. And I believe it can only be done for cell phones so if you have a number you actively use, you might want to start thinking of ways to get creative. Assuming it works fine and they can get calls on the original cell number in Israel, how will it work if someone leaves them a voicemal having called on the original (now google voice) number.
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