Compact design for mobility, WT-SS28 is making use of wireless technology and VoIP application into one box for easy-to-use and cost-saving.
NORTEL style Enterprise IP Phone to conform North America user's habit and also is advisable choice for global buyer.
Phone is a full-feature VoIP terminal equipment which provides voice communication over the IP network and focus on NGN services. The new generation of payphone - I681 will maximize your utilization of current resource of communication network. This wireless phone is designed to relieve users from the inconvenience of sticking by the phone and computer when making a VoIP call.

The VoIP videophone and IP based broadband multimedia customer premises appliance using Texas Instrument DM64x DSP chip, enables real-time multimedia communication to bring people closer. Auto dialers, our mature products for five years, widely used by a number of customers all over the world.
The popularization of the Internet drives the rapid development of a wide variety of IP-based applications. Due to its easy setting up and advanced wireless technology, it is the most effective and convenient way to bring coverage to remote locations.
C-TOP GSM payphone is designed to meet GSM operator and the public's requirements by providing competitive tariff as well as public communication in rural area and downtown business district.

We mainly design and produce plastic molds and products according to customer's requirement. Our products widely used in home appliances, digital cameras, toys, cars, stereo, computer, IT peripheral products industry. The mini telephone is small and convenient for your making a call or answering the call, only put the earphone into your ear.

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