Call Recording: SpoofCard features free call recording so you can record all your phone conversations and download them from the SpoofCard web site or listen to them over the phone at any time. Voice Changing: SpoofCard also features a free voice changer option that allows you to change your voice to sound like a man or a woman on the phone. Web Site Control Panel: SpoofCard's web control panel lets you login with your PIN number and manage your account. Free Caller ID Spoofing: SpoofCard is the first company to offer a free caller ID spoofing trial to all users! ASAa€™s proscription of nonharmful spoofing a€“ spoofing done without a€?intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of valuea€? a€“ frustrates this federal objective and is,A therefore, conflict-preempted. SpoofCard's caller ID spoofing service works from any phone, anytime, anywhere via SpoofCard's toll free number.

All you have to do is speak in your normal voice and the called party will hear you in the changed voice with no delay! This is where you can playback or download all your recorded conversations and add more time to your PIN.
There are currently two other states with laws banning phone spoofing outright, and several other states considering similar laws.
Instead of being a pay per minute service, Itellas is a monthly membership based service for a flat rate with unlimited useage. Those states will all have paid attention to this decision, and we’ll see if state-level anti-spoofing efforts hold up under further judicial scrutiny.
Itellas offers multiple plans, intended for business or personal use, as well as a pay per minute plan.

The downside of Itellas is that the service can only be tied to one phone number for the personal plan and three phone numbers for the business plan.
If you plan on using Itellas from a few different phone numbers their service based plans may not be for you.
Itellas is one of the few companies still promoting their Caller ID spoofing service in 2008.

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