April 15, 2013 by HideIP If you just went from Windows to one of the newer Linux OS installations such as Fedora or Ubuntu, you may find it difficult to adapt to the change for some time, despite the fact that the general look and feel of these operating systems are somewhat similar to what Windows can offer.
The good news for Linux users, however, is that, unlike the older versions, where everything had to be done through the terminal window, the new friendly interfaces provided with most of the advanced Linux systems make it easy to perform basic tasks such as finding your IP address.
Before asking “how to conceal my IP on Linux”, you may first be interested to know exactly how you can find your IP address.
In Fedora, the process is almost identical, as all you have to do is right-click the Network Manager applet located on the top panel, and you can access the same “Connection Information” window as described above.
Of course, on all Linux installations, you can still find your IP address through the terminal window, but it is far quicker and more convenient to use the simple visual commands provided by the friendly interfaces in advanced operating systems like the ones mentioned.
As opposed to Windows, Linux is a more cost-effective solution when it comes to private and safe browsing. I have found a lot of great tools and proxy services for hiding my IP, and the process is always very straightforward: download, hide my IP and configure a few basic options – then I was free to browse the internet without any problems.
There are many other advantages that these types of programs can bring when it comes to keeping your computer safe and your internet activities private. Proxy services, on the other hand, will provide you with unique IP addresses you can use in place of your own, for a small fee.

You will find that many of these tools and services are quite cheap and easy to use, so, within minutes of making your download, you can start browsing the internet safely.
Register now to get the latest in online privacy, security and how to access blocked content. I have been using the Micromax Fun book Talk at home without any problems connecting to the wireless router.
Well you can find the ip address of your android device quite easily without much of a problem. How to find my Internal IP Address.How can I find out my Internal IP Address in my network. Find the active Wi-Fi network name of the wireless router your iPad is currently connected to. This can be done easily in a high level OS like Ubuntu; all you need to do is click the “Network” icon in the notification area and access “Connection Information”.
Granted, it is slightly more difficult to use – especially if you’re already used to Windows – however, for basic purposes such as hiding your IP, it can be quite practical. Also, in most cases, when I hide my IP, download sites and web pages that contain malware and spyware designed to use IP addresses in a harmful way no longer pose a threat, thanks to the advanced capabilities of these handy tools.

For instance, some can offer full encryption on your entire online activity while also securing all the protocols on your PC so that any undetected threats can be blocked. While not actually hiding your IP, this is still a great method for staying anonymous while online. After that there will be this settings application available in your device which you have to launch by tapping on it. In general you will see the many options.Among this find and tap the wireless and network option. A window will pop up showing various types of information regarding your network, such as speed, security and yes – your IP address. I can?t understand why is this demanding this IP address, and how can I obtain this IP address?

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