But, with BingoMeister, you can substitute these number and letter combinations with images, lines of text or - in the sample shown at left - even a deck of playing cards. The SAMPLE at left shows a bingo board consisting of images with optional descriptive text directly beneath. There are several bingo sets included with BingoMeister that can be copied and modified, but not altered.
The SAMPLE at left is an example of the bingo board most commonly used by groups and fund raising organizations everywhere. The Select an Image screen displays the literally 100's and 100's of images that are included with BingoMeister.
And, each graphic can be re-sized, stretched and rotated to fit whatever size or format you are using. OR, you can print a list of an entire calling session - before the bingo session - and make calls from the printout. Bingo sets included with BingoMeister include Animal images, Food images, Sports images, a poker deck with and without Joker, Actors' names and more.
Certain bingo sets that are included with BingoMeister cannot be changed so that there is a reference point for validity. This bingo set is a great choice for sports events,football parties and similar gatherings. If you corral a score or more of young men into forced close proximity for any length of time, their irrepressible energy will express itself as either fractious behavior or horseplay. Also, the period of the early 1970s will be remembered as the time of counter-culture and widespread drug use. In autumn 1972, the admin unit called Team 1 was created from the 530 Administration Company of the 3rd Armored Division, stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it. While poring through my set of Army Regulations, I happened to run across a housing reg that established the minimum allowable square footage for permanent enlisted billeting. From our earlier residence at Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt, we both remembered this young major who was friendly to the grunts. When we got back to Kirsch Goens, we showed 1LT McLinn the authorization orders and he had to let us move out. We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!).
Within fifteen minutes of the heist, we were lowering the converted six-pack back down to its perch. Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize. One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office. Sp4 Dave Ramsey was walking down the hall and noticed that there was one of those fold-over locking hasps on the aforementioned door.
Realizing that inserting the dinner fork through the lock ring would only invite some passerby to pull it back out again (this was, after all, the Army), he did what any admin troop would do: he made a sign.
But it is still funny to imagine the look on that officera€™s face after he climbed out the window and walked back around to unlock the door.
Summer arrived in 1973, and with it came warm weather, and the need to clean up the office building. One day during that same summer while I was at the PX, I happened to notice a pack of party balloons. The remaining party balloons stayed unused in a drawer until the move to Giessen the following year. One summer night two camouflaged figures crept out into the dark carrying a large heavy box between them. The next day a certain admin group was performing soccer practice on this same soccer field when they found out the hard way that it had been mined.
It just so happened that the same mena€™s room where the water balloon event occurred had extraordinary resonance.
One day in the summer of 1973, I was washing up in the mena€™s room when I saw Wallace arrive in his blue VW hatchback. I waited a reasonable period and sauntered back into the office, wearing my most contrite expression. Part of the essential kit of all soldiers at that time was a butane-lighter to ignite the omnipresent bowl of hashish.
This of course resulted in everyone having to have one, and soon fiery sword fights could be witnessed that pre-dated the Star-Wars light saber by a decade.
I have always thought that printera€™s ink is one of the most amazing substances ever created. Then the printera€™s ink just happened to have exactly the same patina and shade of black as military toilet seats. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s.
Answer: a€?YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHO YOUa€™RE CALLING!a€? I forget the ladya€™s name right now, but she was married to a Captain and was pretty used to handling brass. It was a curious characteristic of those telephones that, even without a microphone, if you shouted loud enough, you could actually be heard at the other end of the call: there was probably a low efficiency transmission through the handseta€™s earphone speaker. Then Embury would distract McLinn for moment: call him away from the phone to provide some pertinent info (travel order number or something), and Ia€™d slip in, and put the microphone back in. The one time we pulled it off, the two parties simultaneously picked up the phones, and then launched into their answering speeches. About this time the curiosity of a€?why did you actually place this call?a€? began to intrude very cautiously and diplomatically into the discussion.
I was sitting at my desk when SP4 Dave Morgan stomped into our office area, obviously furious. Realizing that the incident was spinning into nowhere, Morgan stalked out in a huff, but not before warning me something about a€?winding up a Jimmy.a€? From then on, everyone first checked their carbons, just like looking into their typewriters.
My good office partner Sp4 Scotty Martin sat on the opposite side of our small bay, about twenty feet from me. SP4 Goody must have heard this steady, a€?whiirrr a€“ BANG!a€? coming out of the smaller office where I was and got curious. Ia€™ve always thought that if I was ever trapped in a building with bank robbers, terrorists or that ilk, Ia€™d scan around quickly to see if there were any rubber bands and paper clips. Without fanfare, Lindsey touched a flaming match to the touch hole and there was a momentary sizzle as the charge inside the tube ignited, just like the old flintlock muskets. Perhaps more importantly, the Code of Office Conduct now required that a spitball be delivered via cannon shot. The zenith of Admin-Cannon design was achieved with a steel tube that somebody found lying around outside: obviously divine providence at work.
Rather than have someone actually touch a match to the touch hole, it was deemed safer to make a rudimentary fuse using cigarette paper.

Considering all of the untested features of this advanced model Admin-Cannon, one would have thought that the most appropriate testing time would be in the quiet of the evening. I had just achieved eye level with the top of my desk when 1SG Spence heaved himself upright and dashed for the doorway connecting the large bay and small bay. As one gazed out into the large bay, the record clerks were joyously operating at full capacity, while the smoke continued swirling around the left end of the bay. Since the record clerks were so determinedly carrying the air of normalcy, the Vietnam soldiers were soon up and back to normal too. Ramsey and I were just sitting around, nothing to do, and probably feeling a little frisky from the snort we had had. After what seemed like a half an hour (we were rapidly running out of space alien energy), Wallace started to stir.
Around an hour later we were poking around, getting dinner ready when the door opened and in staggers Wallace. One of the jobs that a Personnel Actions Specialist had was reviewing the a€?RA Applicationsa€? of officers who had decided to make a career of the Army. Having written all the above, one might assume that ultimately, the pressure of perfection proved to be just too great: a practical joke simply had to assert itself. One day in the fall of 1973, I was paging through some old National Geographic magazine lying around somewhere. McLinn paged contentedly through the document, checking the personal info of the applicant, probably comparing the a€?Applicanta€™s data against his own personal situation. Inasmuch as no one had ever heard McLinn (or anybody) make a sound like that before; it immediately got the entire officea€™s attention.
Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between a person laughing out of control, and a person wracked with extreme anguish.
I knew McLinn would need a few minutes to collect his thoughts, so I took a little powder and did a quick walk around the building. Apart from hating me, from that point on McLinn and I were tightly bound to a unique fraternity. As a quick aside to this story, let me mention that yours truly was responsible for enabling many of these same enlisted personnel to live off-post in apartments and get paid for it.A  As Team 1a€™s Personnel Actions Specialist, I had a full set of Army Regulations, and was trying to read quickly through them so I could hasten my On-the-Job-Training.A  Why was I hastening with OJT?
We quickly punched two small holes in the bottom of each can with a pocket knife awl (so thata€™s what that tool is for!).A  Crockett finally made it back with his big bowl (a€?they kept pointing me to the mena€™s room!a€?), and we emptied the cans into it. Then the five-pack disappeared not too long later as some passerby in the dark thought they had found a prize.A  It probably migrated all around the base, losing one can at a time.
One day in the office there was a big meeting of Divisional Top Brass in a room across the hallway from our office.A  They were discussing sensitive issues and so closed the door to their meeting room.
The meeting went on for what seemed like hours.A  And everyone of our gang wandered by and chuckled at that sign and the locked door, just thinking about what was surely going to happen. Nothing was said when Wallace returned after a rather lengthy time out of the office.A  It was understood that nature sometimes cana€™t be hurried. Both Wallace and Pardekooper fell out of their chairs as if theya€™d been axed.A  Ron had of course, heard the wounded moose and its final despair. I used the same technique to get even with a pain-in-the-neck corporate executive in the mid-1980a€™s.A  The jerk didna€™t know that I had received special training in the military. At this point in time, everyone is properly upset about the National Security Agency's PRISM program and the seemingly endless surveillance it enabled.
Sprinkled in the NSA files leaked by Edward Snowden are some details about FAIRVIEW, a sort of international version of PRISM. Thomas Drake is a former NSA senior executive who pulled an Edward Snowden back in 2006 and revealed some of the agency's secrets. The good news is that FAIRVIEW doesn't affect the average American in the same way that PRISM does.
Earlier this week, the fire department in Ibiza, Spain, were called to the local hospital to assist with a medical emergency. The buzzsaw penis rescue procedure to remove the toy—a metal cylinder about 15cm (~6 inches) in diamater—took over two hours, and the firemen had to change out the rotating blade and recharge the saw before they were done.
Humanity is finally starting to realize that we dont need to make phone calls and leave voicemails like a bunch of animals. Out of all the ways to handle a misdirected text, politely letting the offending party know what happened is unquestionably the kindest route you can take. Some of these little text pranks can be (mostly) harmless, like my friend Katherine's below. It's always good to approach manufacturer sample images with a healthy dose of skepticism, so take this analysis with several heaping boulders of salt. Note: These crop values are only accurate when the images are expanded to their full 1280 pixel wide width. We found that cropping to around 50% of the full-size image is about how far we would want to go (this is a subjective value). Based on just these initial images, it may have been a bit misleading for Nokia CEO Stephen Elop to zoom in to the eye of a needle in a haystack and say how great the resulting image was, because even with 41 megapixels, cropping in that much will still result in something pretty gross. The other unique feature of the Lumia 1020 camera is that it has a nice wide angle lens with a 26mm equivalent focal length, compared to 33mm on the iPhone 5 and 31mm on the Galaxy S4. Despite these caveats, based on the samples there is no denying that the Lumia 1020 is a huge step forward in smartphone camera technology that we hope pushes other companies to innovate even more.
Not content with making every other vacuum and fan on the market seem like a cheap children's toy, Dyson has now set its sights on the floor mop that's been quivering in your broom closet, awaiting its day of reckoning. Details are a little thin at this point as Dyson hasn't officially announced availability or pricing just yet, but presumably the Dyson Hard will be comparable to the $400 handheld vacuums the company already sells.
And if they come up with a conversion kit that lets us re-purpose our existing Dysons as one of these, that would be even better. For your digital storage pleasure, today's Amazon Gold Box has discounted a plethora of Sony memory cards and external hard drives. Gizmodo is looking for someone passionate and knowledgeable about both deals and tech to take over Gizmodo, and who better to do it than a long-time reader? Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. I was diagnosed of hepatitis in 2012 and I have tried all possible means to get cure but all to no avail, until i saw a post in a health forum about a herbal doctor from South Africa who prepare herbal medicine to cure all kind of diseases including hepatitis b virus, at first i doubted if it was real but decided to give it a try, when i contact this herbal doctor via his email, he prepared a herbal medicine and sent it to me via courier service, when i received this herbal medicine, he gave me step by instructions on how to apply it, when i applied it as instructed, i was cured of this deadly virus within 18-20 days of usage, I am now free from the virus, i was tasted negative. Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in a game of chess; the QUEEN protects the KING. If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Everyone has a number of questions in their minds about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: can Infinity Ward pull off Zombies like Treyarch, can they even deliver on the bold promise they have made and so on. Amidst all this, and the out of place hate that the game is getting, everyone might have missed that Infinite Warfare is going to get you some really interesting scenarios. There are a number of fans who would want to ensure that nac and trickshots make a return with the game, and one of them even asked the question from Infinity Ward on the official Twitter profile of the game.

After all the negativity that has been engulfing the game’s reveal, some positive news is coming through, like the fact that the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer is being developed with help from professional players, this will streamline the competitive gaming elements of the game very well. Before this, the game has had a lot of criticism recorded by the fans through more than three million YouTube dislikes on the game’s reveal trailer as well as a RIPCoD Twitter trend that followed the Battlefield 1 reveal.
This guarantees that there will always be a number of bingo sets that include 75 uniques images. He was consequentially prosecuted under the Espionage Act, but that hasn't scared him away from talking to the press about the recent NSA revelations. There's already a scandal brewing in Brazil, however, where a newspaper recently uncovered evidence of the NSA spying on millions of Brazilian citizens without their knowledge through the FAIRVIEW program.
It's for foreign intelligence gathering, and doesn't necessarily involved listening in on your phone conversations and reading your emails. Maybe you were standing on top of the bar upending bottles of liquor and chanting your phone number—it's impossible to know.
They'll either apologize and immediately cut ties (boooooring), or open up a gyre of uncertainty and insecurities (fun!).
It's more likely that your mysterious texter will find him or herself mortified and either send a brief apology or stop responding altogether. Whether your new friend finds out their mistake on their own or hears it straight from you, it will always feel nice to know that someone out there is rooting for you, Be it regarding a new pregnancy or how one gets there in the first place.
You're positive you don't know this person, so you decide this is a prime opportunity to teach him or her a lesson about thorough contact-entering and attention to detail—more colloquially known as being a dick.
But by using context clues, gauging the temperament of the messenger, and looking inwardly to discover how much of an asshole you really are, there are ways to minimize your losses—and more importantly, theirs.
Since we weren't allowed to shoot and keep any photos of our own during yesterday's hands-on, for now we'll have to draw conclusions from these official samples.
However, the photos from Nokia's website seem to be fairly straightforward in terms of common shooting conditions. A nice wide field of view is great, but a side effect of this is that you do lose some sharpness as you veer away from the center of the frame.
The unfortunately named Dyson Hard is a version of the company's handheld cordless vacs that sees the business end replaced with a cleaning head that also sucks away dirt before it scrubs your floors. Hopefully the Dyson Hard's wipe plate will be compatible with the myriad of wet mopping cloths already on the market, and not some proprietary and expensive alternative. These are some of, if not the best prices we've seen on these items, and the variety means you should be able to grab exactly what you need at a great price. We're here to bring Gizmodo readers the best tech deals available, and to be clear, we also make money if you buy. You might feel pressure from family or friends in your religious community to stay together. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
There are so many ways to do a trickshot in Call of Duty, we are hoping to see some really impressive video compilations coming up on YouTube real soon!
In effect, it's how the NSA can go directly to the source when trying to gather intelligence on what's flowing across American borders and through the 550,000 odd miles of cable twisted around the world. FAIRVIEW, he says, is an umbrella program for upstream data collection that's not covered by PRISM. It's already doing it based on the little bit of information about FAIRVIEW that's leaked out aside from the brief mention in the PRISM files.
There's a similar level of outrage in Germany where, according to Der Spiegel, the agency carried out mass surveillance on German citizens. The firemen were required because they were the only ones with a big enough saw to get it off.
Eventually the patient, a 51-year-old German tourist, had to be put under general anesthesia, because of discomfort, and also because he was complaining constantly in obvious concern about the literal sparks flying from his crotch as burly (assumption, but we hope) firefighters took a buzzsaw to his penis. But with the rise of SMS comes a relatively new phenomenon: The misdirected text from a wrong number. The point is, this person may or may not be someone you want to maintain ties with, so handle with care.
But if things start really getting out of hand, you can call your service provider and have that particular number blocked, usually free of charge.
If they're at all reflective of real-world shooting conditions, we could be looking at something special. However, it’s never a good idea to be with someone simply because you share the same religion. Jeffrey Wallace and I drove back to Frankfurt to get some anonymous major to sign the authorization.A  That alone was kind of an interesting little affair. For instance, the Daily Dot also talked to Mark Klein, a former AT&T computer network associate, who witnessed the NSA installing splitters directly onto the network cables.
It's important to remember that this happened with the cooperation of the foreign telecommunications companies, though it's unclear how much coercion the NSA committed to make it happen. Because there's no bigger slap in the face than the ol' "Sorry, all my contacts were mysteriously deleted somehow! Not even this beast can produce image quality that can compete with most dedicated cameras.
Also, remember that this exercise is working with images shot in ample light, which means low noise levels. Upon entering the Army, I had originally been trained as an a€?armored reconnaissance scout,a€? a deadly profession. Chambliss and I put together a request (as allowed under the reg) to receive payment for off-base quarters: renting an apartment. Military Academy at West Point receive their commission upon graduation, but officers who become officers by graduating through a€?Officer Candidate Schoola€? do not belong to the Regular Army until they submit a petition to be accepted: the RA Application. These splitters enable the NSA to gobble up literally everything that was being piped through AT&T's networks, in a way that sounds even more invasive that PRISM connecting directly to the servers of major internet companies. Handling the misdirected text is a delicate art that, depending on your decision, can go in two very different directions—the not being an asshole way and the fun way. It's assumed that the NSA parters with other telecommunications companies, both domestic and abroad, to gain access to their networks as well. This brief memoir is a recollection of events that primarily took place at a€?Team 1:a€? an administration platoon stationed at Ayers Kaserne in Kirsch Goens, Germany. He quickly but quietly unpacked the small umbrella that he had carried disguised inside his fatigue shirt. Out in the hallway it sounded like a tuba half filled with water attempting to mimic a wounded bull moose trapped in an echo chamber.
Slightly after the arrival of the electric typewriter, Team 1 received an actual photocopier.

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