Many incidents of Anti-social behaviour go unreported, if we want theA the Police were to act on incidents of anti-social behaviour, as they did in Dunham recently, they need reports of as many incidents as possible in order pinpoint the culprits . If a caller comes to your door, before answering it, ensure that any other external doors are locked. Consumers are advised to call 0800 145145 to check the identity of a 'water company' doorstep caller.
Norfolk Constabulary and Anglian Water are working together to crackdown on bogus water officials.A  As part of a national initiative concerned residents can now verify the identity of a 'water company' doorstep caller by calling the FREE helpline on 0800 145145 to check their identity. DS Pete Jessop said;A  a€?In the past year there have been 16 incidents in Norfolk involving callers claiming to be from the water board and stating their need to enter the property.
Martyn Oakley, Customer Services Director at Anglian Water said:A  a€?We, at Anglian Water, take the protection of our customers very seriously.

The Operation Radar team and Anglian Water aim to safeguard people in their homes and reduce the risk of distraction burglary offences. Breckland Council subscribe to an organisation called Care and Repair Handyperson Service which involves approved workers undertaking simple household tasks for people who have problems doing them themselves, or can't afford it.A  There is funding for security work for those over 70 or the over 60s on benefits. Then look no further than the Norfolk Trusted Trader Scheme from Norfolk County Council Trading Standards Service.
Don't forget that many home insurance companies offer discounts for HomeWatch scheme members. The phone number can be used to verify the authenticity of officials and minimise the risk of a crime occurring.
A All our staff and contractors carry identification and we have a dedicated phone line for customers to confirm the identity and seek reassurance that any visitor is genuine.A If a customer receives an unexpected doorstep visitor we urge them to check their ID and then call the company to make sure they are who they say they are.

If a cold caller visits your home claiming they need to enter the property urgently then be cautious. There are very few circumstances where someone would need to be given access in this manner.

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